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Yesterday I broke down shared with you the news about our new house!

we close on our house in fifteen short days and move into the house in sixteen.
I'm breaking out in hives right now just thinking about all the stuff I need to get done before the move. Most important thing on the to do list, the obvious packing. Haven't even thought about starting on that task yet. Whoops.

Other things on that never ending list of "to-dos" include buying furniture/decor. That will be the task that the fiancé and I will attempt to embark on this weekend. Key word there is attempt.

Let me just let you into a little tidbit of our conversation a couple of nights ago:

Steven: I spent about $1,000 at Home Depot, but I think I have most of the things we need for the yard. I even bought a bad ass weed eater for only $299!
Me: You need a $300 weed eater?
Steven: It's bad ass! I don't even have to bend over to use it.
Me: That's way too much for a weed eater and I can pretty much guarantee we won't use half of the things you bought. (cough, cough, change of subject time) So, are we going to look at furniture this weekend?
Steven: Yeah. But we really don't need that much.
Me: Umm yes we do. We need to furnish a house. Oh, and we need to do that with actual furniture that I will like and not mismatched furniture from various places in our past.
Steven: Well you better start working some overtime to afford all that.
Me: Seriously? You just bought a $300 weed eater!!! I think I should be able to purchase the few necessary items we need for inside the house.

So naturally our shopping trip this weekend is just going to be a breeze...

Wish me luck.
I'm going to need it. 
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  1. Haha eeek $300 for a weed eater is scary! Good luck furniture shopping girlie!

  2. that's exactly how we were! he blows it out at Home Depot and then i want to buy a bed (the frame/headboard), and he says we don't need it!!!! i guess this is the "adjustment" phase everyone keeps talking about with moving into a house together :) good luck girlfriend! if it matters, i'm totally on your side! xo

  3. ha love it! screw a weed eater you need decorative pillows and throw blankets! i cant wait to see how you must blog about it FYI!

  4. Got to love that. A 300 buck weed eater that wont ever get used and you cant buy 300 bucks worth of furniture if not more. Let's see what's important. House without furniture or a weed eater? ugh men. LOL

  5. Our husbands must be related. He wants to make our bonus room a theater....A THEATER!!!! PROJECTION SCREEN, SURROUND SOUND, THEATER SEATING, THEATER!! But when I mention pictures, throw pillows, new comforter....."I mean babe, we really don't have that much money left over." YOU WANT A FREAKIN THEATER!!!

  6. how exciting! a new house is awesome to look forward to - the shopping for those perfect little accessories and color coordination. personally, i suck at that; if it were all up to me, my walls would be screaming white and i'd have a chair in front of a tv!


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