Wedding Diet: Take 2


Last night was spent exactly how I had imagined. Vegged out on the couch wearing my most comfortable oversized sweats with glass bottle of wine in one hand, bridal magazines galore in the other, and two extra snuggly puppies by each side. And thanks to my night dedicated to doing absolutely nothing productive, I feel a little less exhausted today. Halleluiah to that!

Now that I have semi-recovered from my vacation it’s time to kick my ass in gear and get back to that wedding diet. I will be walking down the isle in only 9 months wearing the most beautiful wedding dress there ever was, and by damn I want to look good wearing it. The plan was to spend yesterday evening grocery shopping for healthy dinner and snack options, but that definitely didn’t happen. I could hardly even keep my eyes open by end of workday yesterday, so I drove straight home and opted for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Whoops. Today, however, I will force myself to go grocery shopping after work. I will buy healthy and fresh foods, and I will stick to my diet this time around. And if you have any delicious healthy recipes, I beg you to send them my way. My goal is to not only eat healthy, but also learn how to cook healthy dinner options for the fiancé and me. 

I’m writing this out and sharing it as a way to keep myself accountable. I'm planning to share updates and progress throughout as another way to keep me motivated. That and plastering pictures like the ones below on the refrigerator, pantry, doors, mirrors, pretty much every inch of space in the apartment.

 photo 9d49c3b5a347eb134a62ef2c59a3cbb5_zps9f4c1811.jpg photo 23d83f7f9d378fb04176e66ea5220602_zps9879cc4c.jpg photo bf772a58b201d82b8d55539c60b7a8e1_zps7228c6d5.jpg photo e684e3bc3d4055ac06222a7a7b5bea9c_zpsae125f51.jpg

Time to do this thang...
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  1. If you can do it, I can do it! I have only 7 more months to go so I need mucho motivation!!

  2. your day sounds just like mine yesterday, i literally sat on the couch and ate...all night long!!!

  3. I posted some protein bars on my blog today that may interest you as a snack item.

  4. You got this girl!!! I am in the same boat so all of us brides need to motivate each other!!

  5. you go girlfriend! keep us posted on your workout plans and i'll follow along and we can keep each other in check! :) xo

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