Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Pictures Edition


I know you have seen a few of our engagement pictures scattered throughout this little ole’ blog, but I have yet to talk about those pictures and how special they are to Steven and me.
We had our engagement pictures taken a few months ago by a local photographer here in Birmingham. We decided to take the pictures at a new park in downtown Birmingham. We really couldn’t have picked a better location if we tried. If you look at all of our pictures together it looks like that were taken at several different locations. Some pictures have a natural background and some a city background, but they were all taken within feet from each other.
We also brought the fur babies with us so we could take a few pictures with them. I was nervous how that would turn out (especially since Kane was only about 4 months old at the time), but the pictures with all four of us are my absolute favorite. There really wasn’t a bad picture in the whole bunch.
I’m so excited to use the pictures in our new home! My plan is to blow my 6 favorite pictures up to an 8x10 (that is if I can narrow it down to only my top 6!) and frame them in rustic frames on the wall you see when you first walk in the front door. I got the idea from Pinterest (of course), and I know it is going to look perfect!
Steven and I are so thankful to Ashley Sanders for her amazing work! If you live in the Birmingham area and are looking for engagement shots, maternity shots, or family shots Ashley is your girl!
 photo IMG_0134-ZF-7234-67104-1-011_zps9c8f108f.jpg photo IMG_0132-ZF-7234-67104-1-010_zpsb9de0ba7.jpg photo IMG_0065-ZF-7234-67104-1-006_zps6bccc0e0.jpg photo IMG_0087-ZF-7234-67104-1-009_zpsc33a1f34.jpg photo IMG_0086-ZF-7234-67104-1-008_zps1ae43d0c.jpg photo IMG_0083-ZF-7234-67104-1-007_zpsbccb8374.jpg photo IMG_0164-ZF-7234-67104-1-012_zps7061974a.jpg photo IMG_0057-ZF-7234-67104-1-004_zpsee696e5e.jpg photo IMG_0031-ZF-7234-67104-1-003_zpsf7ead1ee.jpg photo IMG_0016-ZF-7234-67104-1-002_zps9b20498e.jpg photo IMG_0008-ZF-7234-67104-1-001_zpsa2d7c7bd.jpg photo IMG_0059-ZF-7234-67104-1-005_zpscb7dc86c.jpg photo IMG_9938-ZF-7234-67104-1-029_zpsb6c99c3a.jpg photo IMG_9906-ZF-7234-67104-1-025_zps9c1f096d.jpg photo IMG_9912-ZF-7234-67104-1-026_zps6d232001.jpg photo IMG_9947-ZF-7234-67104-1-030_zpsac501c36.jpg photo IMG_9890-ZF-7234-67104-1-023_zpsd3108b31.jpg photo IMG_9883-ZF-7234-67104-1-028_zps918f46c5.jpg photo IMG_9868-ZF-7234-67104-1-021_zps96641bfc.jpg photo IMG_9892-ZF-7234-67104-1-024_zps4ecbd3a2.jpg photo IMG_9836-ZF-7234-67104-1-017_zps0a7bc5ff.jpg photo IMG_9864-ZF-7234-67104-1-020_zps11e1b614.jpg photo IMG_9849-ZF-7234-67104-1-019_zps4e94bad3.jpg photo IMG_9842-ZF-7234-67104-1-018_zpse1f39fd4.jpg photo IMG_9800-ZF-7234-67104-1-015_zpseff3f13a.jpg photo IMG_9809-ZF-7234-67104-1-016_zps92fd9e26.jpg photo IMG_9791-ZF-7234-67104-1-013_zpscaa4c135.jpg photo IMG_9917-ZF-7234-67104-1-027_zps10a46043.jpg photo IMG_9874-ZF-7234-67104-1-022_zps6037fc92.jpg
 photo IMG_9793-ZF-7234-67104-1-014_zps99924b92.jpg

276 Days until we say "I do"

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  1. you are absolutely gorgeous! I kind of hate people that take awesome pictures like these, because I always look like a fool...but i will try to be happy for you ;) I am glad your pups are in them too, so sweet!

  2. ohhh my gosh! i'm dying! these are just so sweet and beautiful! xo

  3. These are gorgeous!!! And your puppies look so cute hehe

  4. pretty, pretty, pretty! jealous you got to include your puppies!

  5. These came out awesome and your puppies look so good! Will they be in any wedding pics too??

  6. Those photos are just adorable!!