Blonde Moment


It's finally Friday and for that, I am grateful. 
As of today, the fiancé and I have officially been homeowners for a solid week. However, judging from my house it looks more like we moved in five minutes ago. Boxes are still hanging out in every corner of the house and half of the furniture hasn't even made it into the correct room. every time I mention the clutter and chaos of it all I hear "that's completely normal" or "it doesn't happen overnight. I'm well aware that these things don't happen overnight, but the anal retentive little bitch inside me doesn't quite understand that concept. So in order to please her, I have been busting my ass all week trying to finish packing things up at the apartment (yes. I haven't even fully moved out of the apartment yet. All of our clothes and the entire kitchen have yet to be tackled.) and unpacking things at the new house. But unfortunately, that hasn't even been my biggest headache this week. 
Let me bring you back to Tuesday morning. 
I took Tuesday off at work in order to be home when the security system man, the cable man, and the gas man came over to hook up all the utilities. I had planned on spending the morning working on the house while waiting on all the utility men, and then spending the afternoon running errands and searching for furniture. That was until my mom called me bright and early Tuesday morning asking if I could come by at some point and sign a document that she needed to turn in. My parents live about ten minutes away from the new house, so I told her I would come over right then before I got my day started. I loaded up Cooper and headed out still wearing my pajamas (which translates into a tshirt, sweatpants, and no bra). When I pulled out of the driveway I noticed I had twelve miles until empty, so I figured I would stop and put a few gallons of gas in my car in order to make it to my parents house and back home. I hate putting gas in my car, so I usually only put $15 or $20 in at a time. Seeing though as I had no bra on, I opted to only put in $10 and fill up the rest later that day. Still half asleep and wrestling with Cooper to stay in the car while I pumped gas, I ran my card, pulled out the middle pump (my car takes middle grade gas), and starting pumping away. I noticed that the nozzle wasn't really going inside of car, but the line was all tangled up and I just figured I wasn't pulling hard enough. The gas still flowed right inside of my gas tank like nothing was wrong. I pumped my $10.01 worth of gas and hung the nozzle back up. That's when I noticed what I had done. 
I put diesel fuel in my car by mistake. 
Damn it. Thankfully I knew better than to turn my car back on. I started to call the fiancé, but I knew he was already at work on the other side of town and wouldn't be able to help me anytime soon. So obviously I did what anyone else in my stranded position would have done. 
I called my dad. 
He, of course, jumped in the car and met me at the gas station where he began calling tow trucks and the Tom Williams dealership where he bought my car. Two hours later, the tow truck finally arrived and began towing my car back to the dealership so it could be nursed back to health. For the rest of the day all I could think about were dollar signs and how the money I had been saving for furnishing my house was about to be shelled out on my car. Several hours later my dad called me to let me know the car was ready. I cringed as I asked him how much it was going to cost. His response? "It's already taken care of." 
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 
I'm one lucky girl. Not only did my dad take several hours out of his morning to take care of my mistake, but my parents also paid for my horrible blonde moment. I don't know what I would do without those two. And it goes without saying, I will always be a daddy's girl. 
My $10.01 worth of gas on Tuesday morning ended up costing over $600.00 by time the day was over with. 
Life lesson: Always double check what kind of gas you are putting into your car before pumping. 

Happy weekend!
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  1. hahaha i totally feel you on the moving thing! it stiiiiiiill looks like we just moved in and we've been here for a month! moving is serious chaos when you're also expected to have a full time job and not take a month off to nest! good luck with everything girlfriend!!

  2. hahah that completely sounds like something i would do.

  3. Holy crap I would have freaked! Thanks god for amazing parents!!!

  4. Oh no!!! :( I had no idea you can't turn your car on if you accidentally fill it with diesel!! What wonderful parents you have!

  5. Oh wow!! Aren't parents the best? Seriously! And this sounds like me... I'm surprised I haven't done this yet!!
    Thanks for sharing your story! =D
    Happppppyyy Weeekend!!! Woohoo!

  6. Awww girl I would say be more awake when you go to pump gas. But at least you have great parents. I've done this a time or two and it was just by not paying attention. It happens to everyone I'm sure.

  7. Ugh thats the worst! My MIL did that in the middle of montana by her self on her way back to MI from OR...took her days to get on the road lol.

  8. I hate getting gas. It's such a hassle. I know it's really not but dammit it only needs it when I'm late or in a hurry.

  9. oh my god! I had no idea you shouldn't turn your car on if you fill it with diesel! I'm from jersey though I don't have to deal with that too often.. so nice of your parents!!