House Training: Take Two.


Isn't this one of the cutest little faces you've ever seen in your whole entire life? Yep. See, normally I would agree with you, however, this little monster has begun peeing in my house again.
You see, this dog was a pain in the ass to house train. He pissed and shit in my apartment more times than I can count. It took months to get him to realize that he was supposed to do his business outside. Finally, a little over a month before we closed on our new house, he got it. He (for the most part) stopped peeing and pooping in the house. He took all most his business outside. 
And then we moved. It was like he had completely forgotten all the training, screaming, crying, and so forth that we had spent months working on. The first night in the new house he went #1 and #2. Since then he has only pooped in the house on one other occasion, but the peeing, it's a serious problem. 
We've tried everything. Rubbing his nose in it and then sending him outside, buying the spray that is supposed to be a deterrent, even using his crate as punishment when he pees in the house (which i was avidly against doing at first). This dog is eight months old. He should be 100% house trained by now. There is no excuse.
I'm begging and pleading for help. I've spent far too many hours at night googling tips and tricks for house training puppies. If anyone out there can stop this precious little monster from peeing in my house I will buy you a pony, name my first born child after you, and buy you unlimited bottles of chard for the rest of your life.
We need help!
At least he has good taste in shoes...
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  1. omg! that face!!!! <3 <3

    let me know if you get any advice... my terror of a dog is acting out in the exact same way! those dang pups are creatures of habit and they do not like change one bit!

  2. I have you tried giving him a treat every time he does is biznass outside? We have found with our dogs that positive reinforcement went along way. Also don't stress about him droppin a douce in the new house. My five year old airedale does this EVERY TIME WE MOVE into a new house. I guess its his way of making a house a home lol.

  3. Potty training is SO frustrating! Especially when it is for a second time. I hate to say it, but the only way we got Mac to stop peeing in the house was to give him limited opportunity. Our dogs are in their crates when we aren't home, and as soon as we walk in the door, it is outside to potty for both of them. They aren't allowed in until they both produce #1 and #2. When they come back in they get a treat. Trust is allocated until there is an accident. If Mac pees in the house, he is straight to his crate or outside until he gets the concept that it is not OK. Your little one may be marking since it is a new home...but he should be over that by now.

  4. I swear by the bell method for training. It took my dog about 5 days to grasp the concept. Attach sleigh bells (or any bells) to the door that you take him through to use the restroom. Every time you walk outside ring the bells and say "potty" - or whatever word you use for going to the bathroom. After a couple of days he should connect the bells with using the restroom. Then when he has to go he just nudges the ribbon with the bells attached to it to let you know he needs to go outside.

  5. Oh my gosh, that face! We have potty trained both of our doggies and I agree with what Nadine said above..just give him VERY little opportunity to do it in the house. Take him out literally all the time, to really show him that this is where he needs to go. Another thing that worked really well with our older dog was 'potty treats'. We bought extra special sausage treats and they were only used when he went potty outside. He went absolutely nuts for them...but we never used them unless he went outside. Good luck though girl! I know how frustrating potty training dogs can be...especially having to do it twice!

  6. I like the above comment alot.

    But when I had to potty train a dog it was if they peed on the floor or watever. tell them no and put their nose in it and scold them and eventually they got it. along with taking them outside at the same time every day.

  7. i have to echo bell training. and also a routine. set times you take him out (after crate, after food, after rough play) ring the bell say outside then once out there say go potty. when he does freak out like mad give him a ton of treats and then come RIGHT BACK in. just be super consistent. key is to ring the bell say outside and go potty and nothing else, no walks, etc. or theyll start ringing the bell to go for walks. took my dog two weeks and now he rings the bell every time.

    i can say i also never scolded him for going inside. i just made a starteling noise and said NO OUTSIDE and took him right out there and stood out there until he made any effort to go again and then yay and a ton of treats.

    that all worked for me. i hope that helps!

  8. ughhhhhh bad pup! at least he is straight up adorable

  9. But that face!! Oh my!!

    We trained our dog by constantly taking him outside, like every 20 or 30 minutes and that seemed to work for him. Good luck!