5 Reasons Why I'm Too Old For My Own Good


I may only be 23 years old, but sometimes even I wouldn't believe that. You see, some of the things I do (on a regular basis) make me seem more like I'm 63 years old. To prove just what an old lady I really am, today I bring you:
I wake up every morning around 5:30am just so I can plop down on the couch for a good twenty to thirty minutes and watch the morning news while drinking my coffee. I need to know what is going on out there in the big scary world before I venture outside my house. You know? I'm also really upset that work has started interfering with my time with Robin, George, Josh, and Lara (These would be the anchors on Good Morning America for those of you who are unaware). 

You can find me crawling into bed shortly after 9:00pm every night. If I stay up an hour past my bedtime, I am nothing short of worthless the next day. Homegirl needs her eight hours of sleep over here. 

I'm paranoid about the most ridiculous things. Did I lock the front door? Did I turn off the stove? Blow out the candle? Leave my hair straightener on? Did I even shut the front door behind me this morning? All things that my grandmother would be probably be paranoid over as well. Oh, and when I do turn around and drive back to my house to make sure all appliances are off and doors are locked (which I've done on more occasions than I care to admit), the are always turned off and locked. Always. 

I yell at people who drive too fast. I also yell at people who text while driving. I especially do this when people are flying through a neighborhood. Hello people! little kids playing in the front yard! Slow the eff down! 

This one dates back even before college. I have always, and will always, be known as the "responsible one." Oh, we are heading out bar hopping all night? Morgan is the one carrying the oversized purse with fifteen wallets, cameras, phones, etc. in it. Don't get me wrong. I always go out and have a good time. Somehow, no matter what happens the night before (even when I don't always remember what happened the night before) my purse always wakes up next to me in the morning. There has even been an occasion or two where I have woken up the next morning still wearing my purse on my shoulder. No wallet, ID, credit card, phone, or camera has ever gone missing while hanging out with me for a night.

There you have it. I'm secretly and old lady hiding out in a 23 year old's body.
Time to go fill up another cup of coffee and stream GMA from my computer at work. 
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  1. i love all of those things and i'm totally with you on the 9pm bedtime and ridiculous paranoia! if i don't get my 8 hours, i turn into a gremlin that no one wants around ;) xoxoxoo

  2. I have those same paranoia's about locking the house, closing the garage and turning off my curling iron. I blame my mother!

  3. Love this. I knew you were paranoid already and I'm sure lots of us do this. Make a list girl. go down the list and that way you know what you did. LOL take the list with you and see that you've crossed things out b/c you turned them off. Hey it could help LOL

  4. I need to learn to be more like this!! I cannot get up early for the life of me, always stay up too late and am sooo irresponsible. Lost a check yesterday. #winning