How to Stay Occupied on Road Trips


As you are probably aware, Steven and I returned on Sunday from our fourth weekend road trip in a row. Within the past month we have driven to Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, and Arkansas (with an evening spent in Memphis, Tennessee). I can also proudly say that while we traveled to five states in four weekends, I did not do a single minute of driving. I'm not really sure how I managed to talk myself out of driving, but somehow I did. So, while Steven was doing his best to keep his eyeballs open I was finding ways to keep myself occupied. And because I've become somewhat an expert in that area as of late, I figured I would share with you six ways to keep yourself occupied on a road trip.
**Disclaimer: these tips are meant only for the car passenger(s). Don’t be the idiot driver that attempts to do any of this, especially number six.
Spend this time to check up on all your friends by browsing through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Make sure you show your fiancé/driver all the newsworthy items like the cute outfit your high school bff was sporting on her honeymoon.

Spend a ridiculous amount of time browsing Pinterest. You know that delicious recipe that you will never make? Go ahead and show it to him and get his hopes up. That adorable outfit that you just have to have? Ask him if he likes it. And the picture of the most perfectly decorated bedroom that you have ever seen? Let him take a look then tell him that you just have to mimic it. He will roll his eyes and continually turn the radio up to drowned you out, but you know he secretly loves it.

Use your IPad to watch old cheerleading videos on Youtube of yourself from your glorious days. Make sure you turn the volume all the way up in order to drown out the music coming from the radio. He will probably begin frantically searching for headphones to jam in your ear, but don’t take offense.

Plug in your IPod phone and listen to all your favorite high school songs that you have yet to delete. Better yet, go ahead and listen to your middle school favorites too. Oh yeah, that will keep your driver in the best of moods.

Bore Entertain your fiancé/driver by catching him up on all the latest work drama, your girl friend's pregnancy scare, and why your friends continue to date low life scum. If that doesn't knock his socks off continue to tell him how bloated you feel, how bad your cramping due to Aunt Flo, and go on for hours about how much you miss your puppies. When he starts turning the radio up, just talk louder. He enjoys listening to all your important day-to-day events.

When all else fails, just take a nap. I mean sure, your driver will have to listen to music on the radio that he actually wants to listen to, but no worries. You’ll wake up ready to start the list all over again. 

In all honesty, Steven and I travel really well together. He does the driving and I do what I can to not get on his everlasting nerves. Also, how the heck did we all survive road trips before iPads came along?? I couldn't imagine not having that thing traveling with me these days. 
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  1. Hhahaha... I love this! I do the same thing to my husband with all the "goings on" in my social life and he just listens like he cares. Haha. I wish I could use my phone or the ipad in the car.. but it gets me so car sick!

  2. I agree as a passenger napping and a blanket are essential! We also like to listen to books on our iphone plugged into the car.

  3. Haha I love this! I think my drivers love when I just shut up and sleep lol I hate driving and I get quite antsy in the car lol Wow you have been traveling quite a bit these days:)

  4. I am so bad at staying occupied on trips!!!