I Confess..


Yesterday on a whim I decided to make a Facebook page for this little ole’ blog. I told my mom about it, so naturally she immediately went on Facebook to “like it.” A couple of hours later while working browsing Facebook I scrolled down to see that her “like” was all over my news feed, which meant that it was also all over the news feed of all her Facebook friends. Cue instant sweaty palms and terror. This secret that I’ve kept for the past (almost) six months was now out for all the world to see. And by world I of course mean my family and friends.  Hiiiii guys...
So today I guess I’m still feeling a little brave. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still hella intimidated by the fact that my family and friends know about my little slice of the interweb, but I think I’ll survive.
I guess if I’m going to put myself out there I might as well go all out. Time for a few confessionals.

I sometimes wear an outfit two days in a row if I know I won’t be seeing the same people.

I’m very superstitious when it comes to football games. Lucky button, lucky shoes, lucky jersey, lucky panties, the whole nine yards.
I didn’t wash my hair this morning. I actually didn't even take a shower this morning. 

I sometimes claim I look like I just rolled out of bed because I overslept, but really I just lost track of time sitting in bed browsing Facebook and twitter. 

I don’t do laundry nearly as often as I should. And by that I mean I haven't done laundry in well over two weeks. 
I have a closet full of clothes, but I wear the same few dresses more times that I should probably admit. It's gotten so bad that even my fiancé has started to notice. 

Sometimes Most of the time I would much rather spend time with my dogs than interact with people 
I don’t wear a bra to work at least once three times a week.

I don’t think I could go an entire day without my cell phone and I’m embarrassed at how pathetic that sounds.
I loved my job as a nanny more than I will ever love any other job.

I’m on the verge of a panic attack because there are still boxes in my dining room needing to be unpacked.

And on that note, I believe that I have thoroughly embarrassed myself enough for one week month lifetime. I'll be back tomorrow slightly less red faced. 
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  1. I think my family just found out about mine not too long ago and I admit I was a bit terrified. My mom is loving it though, so hopefully you will get the same positive response! I now get stopped in stores here by readers and it still freaks me out, but they have all given me encouraging comments. Great post!!

  2. I soooo wish I could get away with not wearing a bra! Hahaha
    And heck yes to 2nd and possibly 3rd day hair!!
    Love this! It was nerve wracking at first to "come out of my blogging closet" but, once I did... it felt great! Most people are genuinely nice about it, and as for the others..... well... the heck with them!! Lol

  3. Ohmygosh. I am with you on sooo much of this!! I wore the same outfit all weekend, I am not showering this morning before work because I am sitting in bed on my computer, and I have gone braless more than is acceptable for an office environment. LOVE IT.

  4. It weirds me out that my family knows about my blog too. I still haven't told many friends, I think I need the anonymity of it.

  5. HAHA! I changed my last name on my blog so that none of my family could find me and I refuse to make a facebook page, however.. I am the "black sheep" of the family so if they saw my blog, they would be pleasantly surprised that I'm not bashing family members or doing something else equally as bad. And I'm with you on the phone thing-- the first four months of my relationship I felt like I was a closet eater because I was always sneaking off to check it (and my facebook page on it too).


  6. dont worry about the blog thing! most people dont read blogs, just us weird bloggers ;) I try to get my friends and family to read mine and almost none of them do ha!