I'm a Fake


Hello my name is Morgan and I am a fake blonde. Hiiiii Morgan.

This is where I would ideally tell you what my natural hair color is. Except, you see, I don’t really have a clue what my natural color is. I’ve been coloring my hair since I turned it orange using sun-in at fourteen years old. Like clockwork I go in every five weeks and let my hair stylist, Katie, do her magic by turning my nasty dull brown roots into a bright and fresh shade of blonde. 
These days I know better than to stray from the bright shade of blonde that fits my personality so perfectly, but I wasn't always so smart about that. My freshman year in college I decided that I needed a change. I was tired of shelling out loads on money on my hair. I went to the salon and told my sweet little hair stylist that I wanted a change. Make me a brunette I said. Big mistake. As you can see, brown hair looks horrible on me. Just absolutely terrible.
It took me about a day and a half to realize how terrible I looked with brown hair. With my head hung low, I headed back to the salon in a desperate attempt to get my blonde back. Easier said than done. It took months of slowly stripping away the brown and replacing it with blonde foils. On top of that, my hair had become so dry and damaged from all the chemicals that I had to shell out even more money on deep conditioning treatments. 
These days when I want a change, I opt to change the hair style and not the color. I will cut six inches off my hair without blinking an eye. I get bored with the same look after a few months. Right now I'm attempting to let my hair grow for the wedding. I've been growing it out since the day Steven got down on one knee and proposed. I still have seven months to stay away from the scissors. I can do it. I've been tempted on more than one occasion to cut it back into my signature angled bob. However, I'm pretty sure Steven, my mom, and my wedding coordinator would have an absolute come apart if that happened. 
Here's to seven more months of long hair and a lifetime of being a (fake) blonde! 
After all, blondes have more fun.. 
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  1. That is totally the opposite of me, I will change the color of my hair in a heart beat, cut it NO WAY!!! My hair grows soooo slow I've been growing my hair out of over a year and it's JUST now to my shoulders lol

  2. I think you look cute brunette! But I agree the blonde is better! I hate scissors and I rarely cut my hair. It's my security blanket!

  3. I like the brown hair too!! Both look great on you!

  4. heck I've been many colors as well. been red, neon orange (that was an accident) and been hot pink. I'm ready to go rainbow and just get that out of the way. other than that i havent colored my hair in like a yr or so