Road Trip Shenanigans


Welcome, Back Monday! (Said no one ever)
This weekend was another crazy one filled with road trips, family, and football. Too bad I was a huge slacker this weekend and took all of two pictures. Whoops. My bad. 
Friday evening after work the fiancé and I packed up and headed out for another weekend road trip. This weekend we drove over to Georgia to spend time with the (soon to be) in-laws. 
Saturday morning we took the boat over to Carters Lake. The weather was too perfect not to spend time outside.
After soaking up some sun on the boat, we headed back into town to get ready to watch some football. I threw on my jersey, leggings, and cowboy boots faster than I can say “Roll Tide” because obviously it’s bad luck if I don’t have the jersey on before kickoff. Fully dressed and ready to watch the game I headed downstairs to wait for the rest of the family to get ready so we could head out to a local sports bar (They wanted to watch the Tennessee game and I had to see the Bama game, so going to a bar with 10,000 television sets was the only way to make everyone happy). Five minutes into the game Texas A&M had already scored, twice. Obviously my good luck jersey had somehow morphed into a bad luck jersey, so it was back upstairs to change clothes into a top, pants, Alabama button, and red, fringed cowboy boots. Apparently the boots are now my good luck charm because as soon as I put those babies on Alabama scored a touchdown. Steven hates those boots; so having to watch me put those things on every Saturday this season is really going to annoy him. I gotta do what I gotta do, honey. Thankfully Alabama pulled out the win. Roll Tide. Sorry we’re not sorry Johnny Cash Manziel.
Sunday morning on our way out of town we stopped by to say hello to the family that I used to nanny for. I watched baby Morgan (yep. What are the chances of nannying for a baby who has the same name as me?) from the time she was eight weeks old until the family moved to Georgia when she was two and a half. I miss that little girl like crazy, so it was so good to see her for a few minutes this weekend. The family has since added a new addition, so it was exciting meeting baby Emma as well. 

And I could really use a nap right about now...
Be nice today, Monday.

Sami's Shenanigans
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  1. You and me both with that whole "nap" idea. =)

    Wow.. the pic of the lake is breath taking. So beautiful!

  2. good to read that you had a great weekend. and glad you got to come to Georgia. What part were you in?

  3. Haha some how I knew you would be posting about the Game today lol There is nothing wrong with not taking pictures on the weekend, I tend to forget this morning than most lol

  4. HAHA! I am a DIE HARD Bama fan and after the first five minutes of the game, I had to turn if off and get as far as I could from the TV.. now, I have faith in my team but I just got heated fast! Thank goodness it turned out how all of us that bleed Crimson knew it would!