Surviving Football Season With A Divided Household


It’s no secret that football season is easily the best time of year. Thursday night through Monday night the fiancé and I watch nothing other than football. Most Some of the time we cheer for the same team, but more times than not, we find ourselves on opposite sides of the ball.
You see, this little ole’ Alabama girl found herself a Tennessee boy. If you know anything about Alabama and Tennessee, then you know there is a long and bitter history between the two teams. Every year, on the third weekend in October (which will be the fourth weekend this year thanks to the SEC adding those two stupid teams into our conference), records go out the window and Alabama and Tennessee go head to head on the field. And regardless of that game, year round Alabama fans and Tennessee fans just don’t mingle well together.
That is until a girl meets a boy and falls head over heels for him before finding out that he cheers for the enemy.
Take it from me, it’s no easy task embarking on a relationship with the enemy. So, I’ve compiled a list of ways to survive football season with a Tennessee fan divided household for anyone who finds themselves on the same boat as the fiancé and me. 

Buy more than one tv. Place both television sets in the living room side by side so you look like the ultimate redneck riviera. This way, if and when your teams are playing at the same time you can both watch your game and not compromise spending time with each other. If this isn't a possibility then go camp out a bar where they have plentiful tvs and will be showing both games. For example, this weekend you will find the fiancé and I along with his family camped out at a sports bar so I can watch Alabama destroy Johnny Football and they can watch Tennessee play whoever Tennessee is playing. Win/Win situation for all. 

Don't talk about how heinous the color traffic cone orange is. I know it's tempting, but Tennessee people take a serious offense to this one. Just let them dress like a giant traffic cone and move on with your life.

Don't repeatedly brag about how many national championships your team has won. Apparently some people find this to be annoying. I doubt it would be annoying if we were talking about their team, but I digress. 

Don't hold a grudge toward your loved one if his team wins and your team loses. This is bound to cause a fight that will blow up into a full on war. Even though his team may not be at the top of the polls, they are still bound to win a game here or there. And even though your team stays at the top of the polls, by some fluke they could also lose a game. Just grab a cold beer, throw back a shot of fireball, and move on.

Anyone else ready to see Alabama cast revenge on Texas A&M this weekend? I can't wait!
Roll Tide Roll! 
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  1. Fun post! I don't think I could survive football season with a divided house- lol! You should link up to our football link up today too! :)

  2. Hoooolllllyyyy cow. I'm having a hard time with this post, seeing as I'm a traffic cone vol fan :)

    I think we can come together and agree that no matter how much hatred there is between Tennessee and Alabama.... we can come together to mutually hate Florida! Right? :)

  3. I'm totally with the above comment. We can ALL come together and hate Florida, as long as you're not referring to the Seminoles ;)

  4. Tennessee? Oh, girl. Prayers for you this football season! Traffic cone orange...I literally LOL'd. I agree with the above in the mutual hatred for Florida. I find it hilarious that they were beat by Miami. Serves them right with how dirty they play sometimes. Now let's go show A&M why they should never have joined the SEC. ROLL TIDE!

  5. This made me laugh so hard! Although I do not live in a house divided, I can only imagine... SEC Football though does run in my blood :) Just over in AR- Red, Not AL! ;) Love your blog! Found it through the Football Link up!

    Jamie @

  6. Hahaha. Luckily Mike and I are both Ravens fans. I would hate it if we didn't share the same love for the same teams.

  7. Ohhh, I love love love this post! I'm an SEC girl too, all the way! But gahh, that dang TN orange is so dang annoying! I proudly cheer for that other Tennessee team over in Nashville :)