Beach Shenanigans


I'm back in town after another weekend of fabulous vacationing. Friday afternoon the fiancé and I drove down to the beach to spend the weekend with our favorite newlyweds.
We arrived Friday night just in time to head out to dinner where we stuffed ourselves with some of the most delicious pasta ever. We spent the rest of our night driving around with the boys trying to find a store open where the boys could get a fishing license and then we passed out on the couch by 10:00.  Grandma status.

 Saturday morning the boys woke up at the crack of dawn to go fishing while the girls spent the morning sleeping in and relaxing. After finally getting up and getting dressed we headed out to do a little shopping. Big fail. I mean come on people, are there seriously no cute clothes anywhere to be found?! A full afternoon of shopping and the only thing bought was a scarf.

 After our shopping fail it was off to meet the boys and watch football. The fiancé was already a happy camper because his Vols upset South Carolina earlier in the day. Next up was the Auburn game, which made Cortney a happy girl and then the best was saved for last and Alabama came out with nearly a perfect game against Arkansas. 4 people. 3 teams. All winners. How often does that happen?

We finished the weekend by having a game night at the house Saturday night playing UNO and Spades. The fiancé actually agreed to be on my team for the first time ever and it proved to do him good because we won. Some people claim to hate playing games with me because I'm may be a little over competitive, but I don't agree with all that. I just like to win. 

We drove back into town yesterday just in time to pick the dogs up from their puppy resort they stayed in while we were gone. To say they were exhausted would be an understatement. Those two curled up next to me on the couch and didn't move a muscle until it was time for bed. 
Let's go tackle this week.
Only 4 more days until Friday... 
Sami's Shenanigans


  1. Hahaha I think we passed out before 10pm every night this weekend. Total Grandma Status haha. I love the pics. Those are some HUGE fish! WoW!

  2. This sounds like a great weekend. It's too bad the shopping trip was a fail, but at least the boys were successful! Those are some big fish!

  3. love that beach fun! gone fishin! love it!! : )


  4. That sounds like such a fun weekend! Makes me want to take a trip with friends to the beach!

  5. haha looks like the guys are sure proud of those fish lol

  6. Holy big fish!! Looks like you had a great weekend! I love playing card games! I was really good as Spades in college but haven't played in awhile.

  7. Those are some monster fish! Looks like you had a good time!