Five on Friday


We made it to Friday and I can finally breathe out of my nostrils again. If that doesn’t call for a good mood then I don’t know what does! Actually, this week went by pretty fast. Maybe that could have something to do with the fact that instead of working I was perched on the couch watching the Big Bang Theory and blowing my nose, but that’s neither here nor there. What is important is that today is Friday and that means it’s time for Five on Friday.

After work the fiancé and I are road tripping (yes, again) down to the beach to spend the weekend crashing our best friend’s honeymoon. It’s ok though, they genuinely want us to come. At least that’s what they keep telling us. Truth is, the boy wants to go fishing and I was told if we didn’t come down there and bring a fishing buddy for the hubby then the bride was going to have to go. No thanks. So I, being the amazing friend I am, told her that I would save her from misery and spend the weekend at the beach. The sacrifices I make for friends... They did get two whole days and nights to themselves before we invade their space tonight, so all is good!
Remember my rant a couple of days ago about how there are zero cute fall clothes/shoes in the state of Alabama? Well I am happy to report that I tried shopping one more time yesterday and I finally made a purchase! Hello black suede booties, leggings, jeans, leather, and a (non chevron) scarf! Welcome into my life!
These two fur monsters have been extra snuggly and sweet this week. Maybe they knew I was sick and didn’t have the energy to deal with their terrorizing way, but either way, I’m loving it! They have both wanted nothing more than to curl up in mommy’s lap and snuggle. If they knew how much mommy and daddy were paying to put them up in a “doggie resort” this weekend they would be this cute and snuggly all the time. Who am I kidding, they are always cute! But seriously, can we go back to the fact that we are paying $40 per dog, per night for their resort stay this weekend? Oh, that also includes all day doggie daycare (yep. It’s a thing) where they can run and play with the other pampered mutts as long as their little puppy heart desires. If that isn’t the definition of a spoiled pooch, I don’t know what is. Only the best for my babies!
I realized yesterday that Steven and I are getting married in less than 6 months from today. That seems impossible. I mean, it seems like just last week he was getting down on one knee and proposing. And it seems like yesterday when I told him that he was going to have to wait sixteen months to marry me because I need a long enough engagement to plan my dream wedding and that dream wedding includes a beautiful Spring day. Somehow we have already jumped from sixteen months to less than six to go before the big day! The best part, I’m not stressed one bit about the planning (ask me this again in five months and my answer may change). My wedding coordinator is seriously my dream come true and has everything handled. Pair him with my ultra organized, ultra party planning mother, and you have the ultimate dream team. 
The weather is finally beginning to cool down here in Alabama and resemble somewhat of fall. Yesterday was one of the first days since early last spring that the temperature didn't climb into the 80s, which made this fall loving girl incredibly happy. It also meant that I could finally dig out my Frye boots from the back of my closet and put them on my feet. It's the little things in life... 
Happy weekend, yall!
I’m heading to the beach.


  1. Have fun at the beach and of course they want you there..psh who wouldn't??? Your wedding will be here before you know it!

  2. I want some leather pants like you can't believe!! also, I hope you have a great trip :)

  3. Looove the boots. So glad you had a successful shopping trip! Enjoy the weekend with your bestie! You guys are beautiful!! =D

  4. I am loving all your fall finds! I hope you have an amazing time at the beach!

  5. A non-stressed season of wedding planning is a blessing, that's for sure!

  6. Enjoy the beach! Your fur-babies are adorable!

  7. I love your boots, so cute. Have a great weekend at the beach.

  8. I absolutely LOVE your boots! Yay for fall weather finally starting to make an appearance! Hope you have a great time at the beach this weekend!

  9. you'll be walkin down the aisle in no time, lady love! less than 6 months so exciting!!! y'all have fun this weekend! and all of those clothes are PRESH! glad to be following along thanks to the lovely linkup, love!


  10. Those black booties with the fringe are ON. POINT.
    You must own them!

    Thanks for linking up with us :)

  11. The black booties are NICE. Own them!!!!

    Also loving the scarf. Even though I already own like 30, I feel like I need more!

  12. I am so in need of more boots and more fall clothes and cant wait to go shopping esp now since I have a new job and my own money. Life is good. always love reading your blog. your fur babies are so cute. hope to hear from you soon. stop by and show some love. :D have a great weekend suga.