Houston, We Have a Problem.


I have a problem and it’s called living in Alabama where there are absolutely no cute fall clothes in any of the five million stores that I’ve attempted to shop in.
Within the past couple of weeks I have been everywhere from the cute little boutique up the street to Macy’s to Nordstrom Rack (we don’t have a real Nordstrom around these parts) to TJ Maxx. And all for nothing. I have found nothing but basic black t-shirts and far too much rhinestone.
Let’s be real here. I understand that I live in Alabama, but I live in the middle of the biggest city in Alabama, so you would think there would be somewhere with cute fall clothes and shoes, but so far, no luck. In fact, if I see one more chevron maxi dress or one more dress with a bow in the back I think I might throw up. Where are you leather leggings? Black booties? And any scarf that isn’t chevron print? I mean I’m all for chevron, but let’s admit it’s getting a bit overkill.

So I suppose until Alabama can get its act together and provide me with something other than chevron and last year’s trends I’m going to have to stick to online shopping... Unless someone wants to pitch in and put me on the next plane to NYC? Pretty please with sugar on top?! Or just buy me anything and everything from the pictures above. That would be ok with me too. 
Is anyone else having problems finding fall clothes this year? 


  1. I always have a problem with finding clothes around these parts. Every store has the same stuff over and over again. I want something different. Something pretty. Something that isn't what EVERYONE else around here is wearing!!! Have you ever heard of Jade? It is in Trussville, but they usually have some good options. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jade-Boutique-of-Trussville/146956588792622

  2. I'm Not, but only because it's fall weather like 7 months out off the year here :)
    Love all your clothes picks!

  3. I live in Southern California and there is no chance of actually being able to wear adorable fall clothes, and that is being said from a mountain where we get snow! It is so annoying. Loving those polka dot tights, so freaking cute!

  4. Dang girl, that's disappointing. I have actually been realy unimpressed with some of the choices here in Toronto as well. Nothing has me excited..at all.

  5. I've seen those polka dot tights all over pinterest and I love them! Living in Houston it's not even cool enough for fall clothes yet, so I feel your pain!

  6. Luckily you get a Fall there and decently cold/cool weather. Here in Pensacola, FL-- we get no such thing. I'm still wearing flip flops and capris. When someone talks about the Fall, I'm like.. say whaaa? Have you tried going to stores that you like, trying on your size, and then ordering online? I do that with Old Navy and end up getting a heck of a discount with their online sales and what not. Did I mention that our Condo pool area was full today.. of people laying out? What's fall again?


  7. Are you complaining about clothes or lobbying for ANOTHER trip to NYC this year?

  8. I am loving all of these shoes!

  9. I absolutely love the polka dot stockings!!!! <3