Weekend Shenanies


Oh, Hey Monday! How you doin?!
If I sound a little too happy for a Monday morning it’s because instead of waking up to go to work today, I woke up and packed the car to head to Atlanta. Steven and I are spending the day drinking beer at Sweetwater, heading downtown to tailgate, and then watching the Jets v Falcons game tonight in the Georgia Dome. Jealous yet?
I promise to take lots of pretty pictures and bring them to you tomorrow this week soon, but until then let’s talk about our weekend, shall we?

Friday night while Steven was at the hunting camp getting ready for hunting season, I crashed my parent's date night and invited myself to dinner with them. They loved it though. I promise. After a few glasses of wine and a delicious dinner downtown, I headed back home to curl up with my fur babies on the couch and watch trashy tv. I'm pretty sure I was in the bed asleep before 10:00. Crazy times over here, people! 
Saturday was game day so I spent the morning watching game day and then headed back downtown with my parents to watch the Bama game in our usual neighborhood bar. The Alabama game was nothing special (we played Georgia State for homecoming), but an Alabama win is always worth watching. Then we watched the Georgia v Tennessee game, which turned out to be far more interesting that I thought it would be.  Oh, and we also took birthday shots because it's my birthday week!!  After that game I headed back home to meet Steven, then we drove over to our friend's house to drink beer and watch the Ole Miss v Auburn game. Apparently all my Hotty Toddy screaming did nothing because Ole Miss choked and let Auburn beat them. Damnit. 
Sunday was filled all the awesomeness that can possible come from deep cleaning my house. Exciting stuff, huh? Not exactly, but the house needed a good scrub down and a clean house is a happy house! After scrubbing down the toilet and washing the sheets on the bed, I decided it was necessary to reward myself with a mani and pedi.
After all the traveling we've been doing lately, a relaxing weekend like this was exactly what we needed. And now we're off to Atlanta! Have fun at work today, kids. I’ll be sure to pop open a cold one for you.
Go Jets!
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  1. Your dogs are too cute! Happy birthday week!

    Stopping by from the link up :)

  2. Your dogs are adorable! Have SO much fun today!!
    Jealous of your mani/pedi!! =D

  3. so jealous of your mani/pedi - looks like it was amazing!!

  4. I need a pedicure soooo bad! Stopping by from Weekend Shenanigans!!

  5. Deep cleaning should always be rewarded with a mani/pedi!

  6. I'm totally jealous of your Monday! Happy Birthday week!

  7. I'm a bad Bama fan.. I fell asleep during the game! :)

  8. Stopping by from the weekend update! Looks like you had a great weekend! I am always screaming ROLL TIDE, but I had to work on saturday! ):

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  10. ah a mani pedi sounds wonderful about this time...