Five on Friday


It's Friday, which automatically puts me in a good mood, I'm about to begin a long weekend, which puts me in an even better mood, and my birthday is a week from today, which puts me in the best of moods! Happy, Happy, Happy!
Who's ready for Five on Friday?
Let's do this..

My birthday. One week from today I will turn 24 and officially become an old lady. That’s ok though, because I freaking love my birthday. We’re starting the celebrations on Monday when Steven and I drive over to Atlanta to watch the Jets beat up on the Falcons. So excited! I spent my 21st birthday at a Monday night football game as well watching the Jets play the Vikings in New York. New tradition? I think so. I love my birthday. Have I mentioned that yet? 
A work trip to Baton Rouge. Tuesday morning, after a night of beer drinking and football watching, I’m hopping on a plane and traveling to Baton Rouge for work. I’ll be back Wednesday night, but I’m actually pretty excited about the trip. This is my first “work trip” and I absolutely love having the opportunity to get out of the office and meet with clients.

More birthday celebrations. Wednesday night my mom put together a get together for my dad's birthday. Wine was drank, food was ate, and jokes about what an old man my dad is turning into were non-stop. It was fun for all! (until I woke up the next morning with a wine headache...)

Wedding planning. The big day is only six short months away! We started out at sixteen months, and it’s crazy to think that over half of our engagement is already gone. Where did the time go?! I’m sure these next six months will go by just as fast, but thankfully we have crossed most of the big “to-dos” off the list. Save the dates are going out next month (I can’t wait to show those off after we send them out!), and hopefully it will be smooth sailing from there.
Fall is in the air. I haven't made it much of a secret that I absolutely love fall. The weather is finally beginning to cool down a bit in Alabama, so we have spent extra time in the evenings outside on the back patio with the dogs. And even though it wasn’t quite cool enough, I made chili last week in honor of the arrival of fall. I haven’t brought out the boots yet, but I promise it’s only a matter of days!

Happy weekend & Roll Tide! 


  1. SO many exciting things coming up for you!! Awesomeness!! =D

  2. Wow your wedding will be here before you know it! Have a great weekend!

  3. If 24 makes you an old lady I must be nearly dead at 26!! ;) Even though I hate the Jets, you look adorable in your jersey and I can appreciate a gal who loves her NFL!! Happy early bday!!!

  4. Enjoy 24. When 25 comes everyone will tell you "You're a quarter of a century old now" and 24 will seem like a baby age! Celebrate all week long girl! Birthday's should really be Birthmonths :)