Five on Friday


Happy Friday and Happy November! I really can't get it through my head that it is already November. Even crazier, I can't believe that Steven and I have been engaged for nearly a year now. That just doesn't seem possible! Time is moving way too fast.
Anyway, let's get back on track and get started with Five on Friday.

Halloween was last night and my favorite halloween activity is passing out candy to all the little trick or treaters. Unfortunately now that Steven and I live on a very busy road and in a neighborhood with hardly any children, we knew that we wouldn't have trick or treaters to give candy to. So, we ended up doing the next best thing. We went out downtown and had a few drinks. All in all, it was a very successful halloween and I only slightly missed handing out candy to the kids.

This little fur monster is feeling back to his old self after our ordeal earlier this week. The swelling in his face and neck is completely gone, and the only evidence of anything happening is the spot on top of his head where the vet shaved him to take a closer look at the bite. My poor baby!

I finally made a hair appointment to get my trailer park roots taken care of. It was started to get bad. Really bad. She added a few extra blonde highlights throughout and I finally feel back to my ole blondy blonde self. I know that technically it's getting colder outside so I should probably go a little darker in the area of my hair, but I can't help it. I need total blondeness all year round. I also need to start taking pictures with my actual camera instead of my iphone. The only thing worse than taking a picture with your iphone is taking a picture using the front camera on the iphone. That being said, ignore the quality of this picture and ignore the fact that I have no makeup on my eyeballs. Just focus on the pretty blonde hair.
I know we just celebrated Halloween like yesterday and all, but I'm going to go ahead and admit that I'm ready for Christmas. I asked Steven if it was too early to start decorating for Christmas and he barely even letting me finish my sentence before telling me it was definitely too early. Damn it. Don't you worry though, Thanksgiving night I will be pulling Christmas decorations out of storage. If I can hold out that long.
Steven and I are heading out of town (again) this afternoon. We are driving up to Tennessee for Steven's 10 year high school reunion. What an old man. They are planning a whole weekend of activities ending with a formal event Saturday night. It should be a lot of fun, and I'm really looking forward to seeing where Steven grew up. I promise to bring back lots of pictures on Monday, or at least I'll try and remember to take pictures.

Happy weekend!


  1. First off, it is NEVER too early for Christmas! NEVER. Ok, now that is out of the way...I am so glad your baby is doing better! It is SO scary when something happens to them. Have fun this weekend!!!

  2. never too early for Christmas! We took down all our Halloween stuff today and are starting with the Christmas decor!

  3. Happy to hear your baby is doing better! They're so helpless, it just breaks my heart when something happens!

  4. You just made me miss my blonde hair! I believe in blonde hair all year long, the only reason mine is gone is because I was so lazy on upkeep. And it is NEVER too early for Christmas decor!

  5. I am soooo ready to get my tree up :)

  6. Love all holidays. Can't believe Halloween is over. I definitely have to do Thanksgiving before I put up the Christmas tree. Got lots of turkey decor too.
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  7. Yay for Christmas music and food and decorations! Love love love your hair!

    New follower from the 5 on friday :)

  8. Man, that's what we should've done last night; went to a bar! Instead, I got my hopes up that we'd have trick-or-treaters all because we had pumpkins outside our door, but to no avail. It's really too bad that I had to devour a few handfuls of the candy myself... haha. ♥

  9. So glad that Kane is okay!! (I just saw the post now and I commented on it.) Also, it's okay to have blonde hair all year round, if anyone has an issue with it, you tell them I gave the final ok! LOL Oh and the Christmas tree.. sheesh. I used to feel that way but after my son passed away I just can't get into Christmas anymore. My Father now (he was NEVER this way before) puts up a tree and decorates to encourage my Mother and myself to get into the Christmas spirit and my fiance encourages me as well. I will admit that I am not longer a scrooge but we don't put up a tree. Your tree is so beautiful so can I just live vicariously through you? XO

  10. Christmas is com, yay!!

    I just passed my 10 year reunion, and the boyfriend's 20th next year. DANG that means we're OLD. Haha.

    Glad your little guy is feeling better!

  11. Steven and my hubby would get along just great... my hubby (Ross) thinks I am CRAZY for wanting to decorate for Christmas already :)

  12. I see no need for dark blonde hair in the winter ;) Keep it as blonde as possible all year long! That's my motto!