Five on Friday


Friday! Everyone's third favorite day of the week (behind Saturday and Sunday of course) has finally arrived. So as we stare at the clock and wait for the glorious time of 5:00pm to get here, let's get down to business with some Five on Friday
1// Christmas cards have been ordered. 
I was on the fence about sending out Christmas cards this year because Steven and I just sent out our Save the Dates last week. However, I saw the most adorable idea on Pinterest, so I had no other choice but to put that little idea into action and design our very first Christmas cards together. I'm kind of obsessed with them and may have already set the design as the background on my phone. They should be here the first week in December, and I can't wait to send them out and show them off.

2// Three christmas presents have been purchased. 
This is kind of a big huge massive deal for me because I'm more of the wait until two weeks before Christmas and then figure out what to buy everybody kind of Christmas shopper. Without giving away too much information (hi, mom!) I bought three similar but also one of a kind items for some of my favorite ladies. I know they will love it and I can't wait to give it to them all. It's probably a good thing I had to order the gifts and they won't be here for a few weeks. Otherwise I would probably cave and give out special "Thanksgiving presents."

3// Thanksgiving is in less than a week. 
The holiday of stuffing our face until our pants won't zip is upon us. I look forward to my grandmother's cornbread chicken and dressing all year long (and her pecan pie), and in less than a week I will be eating my weight in that deliciousness. Never mind that I have to put my fat ass into a wedding dress in less than five months (closer to four). I will shut that out of my mind at least for one day (or more like two days: Thanksgiving with my family and then Thanksgiving with the fiancé's family) and eat as much as my little heart desires. I. can't. wait.

4// Wedding Dieting.
Only I would follow up something as amazing as a Thanksgiving feast with a something as miserable as a wedding diet. With the wedding four months away (and the dress arriving in a little over two months!!) it's time to get serious about this whole wedding diet thing. I've been working out every day this week and I'm happy to report that I've been cooking pretty healthy dinners at night for the fiancé and I. I didn't weigh myself most of the week because the scale can be a mean and frustrating little bitch, but yesterday morning I was feeling good about my workouts and decided to step on the scale. I gained a pound. Seriously?! Needless to say, I was pissed. So I've decided to put that bully in the very back of the closet and measure my loss in another form. I've decided to buy a new outfit. One that I want to wear during wedding festivities or on our honeymoon. One that is a size or two smaller than I wear right now. I will hang that pretty little motivation piece somewhere where I can look at it everyday and will try it on once a month to see how it fits. I think this tactic will work so much better than stepping foot on the scale every morning.

5// My weekend.
This weekend I have no plans to travel, no plans to go out, no plans to do anything. And I couldn't be more excited! I may not even put a bra on all weekend. The fiancé will be spending his days sitting in a tree with a weapon trying to hunt down an innocent animal, and I will be cleaning house and decorating before my grandmother gets into town next week. My grandmother will officially be our first overnight guest to stay with us in our new home, so I want to make sure the house is in spotless condition. Our poor guest bedroom has been neglected since we moved in, so I'll be spending the weekend buying a new comforter, curtains, and decor. I may even get really crazy and decide to paint! Update on how all that goes come Monday.

Have a fabulous weekend!
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  1. Getting ready for our wedding I tried to lose weight than I just didn't care and was happy because I was not stressing so much! You look amazing! don't let the stress get to you!

  2. yayay for christmas cards!!! and so happy thanksgiving is just around the corner!
    hugs to you, sweet girlie! xx

  3. I need to get on my Christmas cards ASAP - feeling a little panicked!

  4. Screw the scale! I like the outfit idea much more!

  5. Dieting stinks, but i love the idea of the outfit in place of the scale!

  6. I love your idea about getting an outfit in a size smaller. I hope that helps more than those awful scales!

  7. YAY for Christmas cards! I hope you share the final product!

  8. I want to see the Christmas cards!!!

    Kevin and I just got ours in the mail and I SO love them!

  9. good luck with everything girl. and i bet the cmas cards look awesome.