Five on Friday + A Giveaway


Happy Friday the 13th! I don't really believe in superstitions (unless it comes to sports. Then I fully believe that I must wear only lucky clothes, scarves, buttons, boots, and underwear or else my team will suffer a horrific loss, but that's a story for another day.), however something about this day always puts me a little on edge. I always feel like I should probably be a little more aware or something. I don't know. 
Anyway, let's back away from the scary things that supposedly happen on Friday the 13th and focus on the happy things about this Friday. Like the fact that the work week is over in approximately eight hours, we only have twelve more days until Christmas, and I have a weekend full of Christmas festivities to attend. But first, let's get to Five on Friday and talk about my five favorites of the week. Oh, and stick around. There may even be a giveaway at the end. 

Hosting my best friend's baby gender reveal party and finally announcing that her and her hubs will be welcoming a baby BOY in May. I can't wait for that little nugget to get here so Aunt Moe can spoil the mess out of him.
Getting Christmas decorating completed on the outside of our house. This task proved to be much more difficult than we originally thought it would be. You see, what had happened was the fiancé and I live in a historical part of Birmingham. As in our house was built in 1950, and in 1950 builders did not put electrical outlets on the outside of homes. This meant we (and by we I obviously mean Steven) had to figure out a way to run an extension cord through a window and into on of the few open electrical outlets in our house. Oh, and I swear we have a total of like 5 outlets in the whole house. Apparently those weren't a necessity back in the 1950s. Extension cords have become my best friend since moving into our house. Anyway, we Steven figured out a way to make it work and we now have Christmas lights on the house!

This homemade manicure. Two words - Gold Glitter. Need I say more? I used a gold polish and then painted the glitter on top of it (both Nailtini brand). If you look close you can even see the bits of teal in the glitter. Obsessed.
This sunset while driving home from work the other day. Isn't it just beautiful? It's days like this when you remember to slow down, stop stressing over little things, and just enjoy the beauty around us.
These two little munchkins fighting over who was going to sit in mommy's lap. Apparently, they both won that fight. I couldn't turn either one of my little fur monsters away from cuddling with me beside the Christmas tree. Such momma's boys!

Now onto the fun stuff - Enter below to win $175 in hard, cold cash. Who doesn't need that kind of money right before Christmas? Especially if you are like me and haven't even started your Christmas shopping yet. Good luck!

Jen // Kari

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  1. I love your ring!! It's gorgeous!! Nice nails, too!! lol.

  2. I love this! Those nails - so gorgeous! And you did a fabulous job hosting that baby gender go girl! :) Hope you have a great weekend filled with all of those Christmas festivities!

  3. Those pretty nails remind me I need a legit manicure ASAP.

  4. What a great giveaway! Next time you have one I'm totally interested in giving something away! xo

    p.s. Love glitter nails too!

    Showered With Design

  5. I am totally all about a homemade manicure. Yall's house looks oh so lovely and merry!!! xx

  6. Congrats on your upcoming nephew!!! How exciting
    And both babies on your lap=priceless

  7. hey girlfriend. your nails look fab! stellar job :)

  8. So excited for results- Love you rnails