I Just Like to Smile, Smiling's My Favorite!


It's about this time every year that my radio begins to make its way over to the Christmas station and my television begins to land on channels streaming Christmas movies. I can't help it. I love Christmas!
So, of course, I have my Christmas favorites. My favorite traditions, my favorite decorations, my favorite song, and, most importantly, my favorite movie.
Elf was an immediate favorite of mine when it first hit theaters how ever many years ago, and I swear I grow to love it even more every year. And I think this year I may just love it even more. 
I usually watch it a few times every Christmas season and I always watch it with the family Christmas eve. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard that the historic Alabama Theatre in Birmingham was playing Elf last year right before Christmas. I had to go.
Little did I know at the time, but this was all just part of a greater plan.
You see, when Steven asked my parents permission to marry me (such a southern gentleman I have) they (they being my mom) began interrogating him on how he was going to pop the question. He knows me well and knew he wanted it to be elaborate and memorable. My mom got wind that Elf was going to be showing at the Alabama Theatre days before Christmas and Steven took over from there. I was clueless as to anything going on when my mom mentioned one morning (only a few days before the showing) over coffee that Elf was playing and we should all go. Yes, please! Everyone knew I wouldn't dare turn down a chance to watch my favorite Christmas movie on the big screen. Steven and I agreed to join them at the movie that night, which also happened to be my parent's wedding anniversary.
Looking back and knowing what I know now, Steven did seem a little tense and fidgety that evening. Actually, the entire family seemed just a little more uptight than normal. At the time, however, I was clueless. We made our way into the sold out theatre and began patiently waiting for the best Christmas movie ever to begin. I remember there being "technical difficulties" right before the movie was supposed to start and I remember the whole family freaking out about it. All was good and the movie began about twenty minutes late. I remember my dad taking one too many trips to "the bathroom" and I remember putting my hand on Steven's bouncing knee about fifty times throughout the movie. I remember all this now, but like I said, at the time I was clueless as to anything going on.
The movie ended (it was as good as ever) and we started making our way out of the packed theatre. Steven stopped "to use the restroom" and I agreed to wait on him while my parents continued on to meet us outside. I will never forget walking down the crowded stairs and Steven quietly saying to me "there are so many people here..." It seemed a little odd that he was so concerned, but I told him of course it was crowded. Elf is only the Best Christmas movie ever!
We made our way outside and I noticed a crowd of people had formed around the marquee and my mom was standing right in front of them all. As I walked toward her she pointed up at it and told me to "look how cute the sign is." I, of course, turned around and that's when I saw it. My name in lights. "Morgan, Will you Marry me?"
At first I thought surely this isn't for me, but as quickly as I looked back at Steven he was already down on one knee holding the most gorgeous ring I had ever seen. I can't tell you what all he said to me (He couldn't tell you either because he was so nervous), but I remember yelling "of course!" and hearing a wave of cheers throughout the crowd. Steven asked me to marry him in front of one of the most beautiful theaters in the world after watching my all time favorite Christmas movie on my parent's wedding anniversary only five days before Christmas. It was amazing. It was perfect. It was better than anything I could have ever imagined.
This year Steven and I will be right back at the Alabama Theatre watching Elf (you know, because Steven didn't really watch any of the movie last year) and celebrating the one year anniversary of our magical engagement. I can't wait!

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  1. ahhh I wrote a post last night for today all about elf being my fave too!! we both clearly have great taste!

  2. How exciting that you are going back to the same place a year later to watch Elf (such a fun movie). Your proposal story is SUCH a sweet one!

  3. OH MY GOSH!! I absolutely love this story. I love when you talk about it! I don't think I knew that the movie you watched was Elf! That's awesome. Hands down my favorite movie! I'd watch all year round if I could! =)

  4. What a cute way to propose! I love that he incorporated your favorite movie and a special anniversary day into everything! Elf is an awesome movie too! So surely it is only fitting you see it every year!

  5. That is the sweetest story ever! And I love that the day shared so much meaning with your favorite movie and your parents wedding anniversary!!

  6. this is so sweet! what an awesome way to propose!!! i love elf...its seriously the best!

  7. Aw such a sweet story! I love it!!

  8. No way!!! How goo is he? Congrats! And My husband and I quote Elf all year round!

  9. ADORABLE! 100% best engagement story ever because ELF. and that marquee. oh my goodness i'm giggling. this is so cute. LOVE.

  10. What a cute proposal story!! Elf is really the best Christmas movie and so sweet that he incorporated it into the proposal for you.

  11. THIS IS SO SWEET! Ahh! So cute! He did good. This got me all teary eyed. I love a good love story. <3