Wedding Diet


Every bride does it. The crash dieting before the big day so we look flawless in our wedding dress. We count calories, we hit the gym every day after work, and, as much as it sucks, we cut back on alcohol intake. It's just part of what goes into planning for a wedding.

Starting the first of January I decided to do it big. I've been counting every single calorie that goes into my mouth, I've been going to the gym as much as possible, and I've been envisioning myself and what I want my body to look like on what will be to date the biggest day of my life. My favorite weight loss tool is the Lose it! app on my phone. I used this same app about five years ago when I lost a bunch of weight and I loved it. You input put a few stats (such as age, height, weight), what your goal weight is, and how many pounds you want to lose each week and the app does the leg work for you. It tells you exactly how many calories you need to eat each day to obtain that goal. It works for me because I'm a calorie counter. It's much easier for me to count calories than to count carbs, fats, proteins, or anything else (although this app also takes into account all of those things). The app also deducts the calories that you burn while exercising. There are endless amounts of food choices, restaurants, and brand name supermarket foods stored in the app that you can choose from. There is also a feature that allows you to simply scan the barcode of the food you are eating, select the serving size, and click submit. Like I said, easy peasy!

Last week I was 1,444 calories under budget for the week (keep in mind those are net calories - the calories I ate subtracted by the calories I burned off at the gym. I am not starving myself or depriving myself of nutrients). I was incredibly happy about that! I lost nearly 7 lbs last week alone. Now, I'm not naive. I know the minute I start eating unhealthy or "cheating" on my diet those pesky pounds will sneak back up. That's why I'm determined to stick this out until the wedding. Obviously it will be blown to hell on the honeymoon, but I plan to come right back to calorie counting the minute we get back from Jamaica. It's all about a lifestyle change.

Here are my goals for the remainder of the wedding countdown: 

- Lose 10 lbs before February 1. I know this may seem extreme for some people, but I don't plan on trying my wedding dress on until that date, so I want to be at least 10 lbs. lighter before putting that dress on for the first time since I said yes to the dress in May.

- Lost 7-10 lbs in March. After trying on my dress and getting fitted for alterations I don't want to lose too much more weight (because the dress will then be too big), but I do, however, want to keep the weight loss going up until April.

- Maintain my weight without gaining anything back until the wedding day. In theory, this one should be the easiest of all to achieve. Our wedding date is April 12th, so that leaves me with less than two weeks to keep a steady eye on my weight and ensure that I am maintaining my weight loss.

Time to do the damn thing.
80 days and counting!
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  1. Good luck, girl :) I just got married, and I understand the worry and frustration about wanting to look your best on your special day. Have you tried going paleo? It will ensure you get ALL the nutrients you need for far less calories, especially if you're being super careful about the number going into your mouth.

  2. I just downloaded the I gotta figure out how it works! And that could take a while for me! :)
    Way to go on the weight loss last week...thats huge!!!!

  3. Way to go!! 7 lbs is amazing - it really is a lifestyle change and once you get to indulge on the honeymoon it will have all been worth it!! Plus looking and feeling amazing on your wedding day!

  4. Congrats on the 7 pounds! You can totally do it!!

  5. I've never tried the Lose It! app - might need to look into it! I do really well with something, anything to keep me accountable, and just on track. I've managed to maintain my current weight (approximately) for the last 5 years, but it's always nice to have something that holds me accountable on a more daily basis since I hate (HATE) the daily fluctuation of the scale.

  6. Girl, good for you!!! =) You got this in the bag!

  7. That's amazing, girl! You can do it! I also am a calorie counter and use an app on my phone! I love when technology makes my life easier! :) I also love how determined you are - you got this!

  8. Good job lady!! Working out and watching your diet seems like a better choice than crash dieting with like a week to go. You got this!

  9. Good luck on your future goals & congrats on the weight that you've already lost!

  10. Ahh the wedding diet!!! Just think of all the cheat meals you can have on your honeymoon!!

    You've got this!

  11. I'm beginning to start this too! My fiancé and I will be getting married next June and since the Big day is a spotlight on us, my fiancé and I have decided to start getting fit! It's hard though! But a little motivation and encouragement seems to do the trick! Congrats on your recent accomplishments! And hope you keep it up! ;) I'm a new blogger and just started getting into blogging! Looking to make new friends and connect with new people! Feel free too check out my blog and follow me! Hope your day is well!