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Happy Saturday, friends!

You are in for a special treat today because I have Libby from Health, Love & Fire taking over the blog. I've had so much fun getting to know Libby over the past few months, and I even received an adorable Valentine's Day card from her and her sweet husband last week! Speaking of her husband....


Hi, My name’s Libby and I blog over at Health, Love and Fire. I want to thank Morgan for letting me takeover her blog today. I have been following Morgan since I started my blog back in June and I always look forward to her posts, so I am so glad I could share with you all today. I decided since Morgan is getting in to the home stretch before her wedding that I would share something wedding related. If you have visited my blog at all, you have probably heard me talk about my husband who happens to be a firefighter/paramedic. So when thinking about what I should share with you today, I decided I wanted to educate you all on why you should marry a firefighter (just in case there are any single ladies out there) 

ONE: You get built-in Girls Nights:
This was one of the best things for our relationship when we were dating and still helps us today. My husband works 24-hour shifts, so he works 24hours on and then gets 48 hours off. So basically he works every third day. While this can suck sometimes because most weeks our days off don’t fall at the same time, it also forces us to spend time with friends and by ourselves. When we were dating, it forced us to not spend every waking moment together and really allowed us to still maintain our separate hobbies and schedules. Even now, there are nights where it’s really nice to have my alone time, to be able to come home from work, throw on my pajamas and dance around the house to 90’s pop music. (not that I do that or anything)

TWO: If you ever need help, you will always know the people coming to help you:
Now this can be a good or a bad thing depending on the people on shift at the time you have the problem. It takes the fear of getting in an accident and having to have your clothes cut off and have them see you in your underwear to a whole new level. (Yes this is a real fear!) Honestly, I don’t know how I could ever talk to any of those guys in a social situation again if something like that happened. But back to where I was going, we have had to have close family members, including my husband at one point transported to the hospital. Knowing the people taking care of someone you love and trusting their care and knowledge is so comforting.

THREE: You get an entire king sized bed to yourself every third night:
(This won’t be true for you unless you have a king sized bed, but whatever size you have will work) Now don’t get me wrong, I love cuddling with my dear husband, but I also definitely look forward to the nights I can lay in the middle of the bed, turn on Grey’s Anatomy reruns, set my tv timer for an hour and fall asleep listening to Christina and Meredith. When Dan’s home he hates falling asleep to the TV, it’s a wonder we got married, because when he’s gone it’s a staple in my routine! I think it has something to do with the fact that when I’m alone, I need to have something playing to fall asleep to so I don’t lay there and worry about the monsters under my bed (and don’t try talking me out of this theory, because yes they are there!)

FOUR: He’s a great cook:
One of the first things people ask me when they find out my husband’s profession is if he’s a good cook, and the answer is yes. All the things you hear about the Firefighter cook-offs and how great firefighter’s are in the kitchen is no lie in my house! They have to cook at the station when they are on shift, so they learn all different kinds of recipes from other guys and come home and want to try making it for you. No complaints here! It also gives him the opportunity to cook things that I don’t like while he’s at work and he doesn’t have to worry about what I’m going to eat, or more commonly, complain about what he’s making for dinner. Win-win!

FIVE: Guys In Uniform: 
Need I say more? There’s just something so great about a man in a uniform isn’t there?!? But more than just how cute he looks, I am constantly amazed by his strength, compassion and heroism. I am more and more proud of him every day.

SIX: You get a built in second family:
Being a firefighter means that you will have to work birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. This coming year my husband will work his birthday, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, My birthday, Christmas and New Years Eve. Thankfully, for most holidays that they have to work, we bring the holidays to them. This past Christmas Eve Dan had to work, so we had Christmas Eve dinner together at the station with the other families who’s significant other’s had to work. We ate dinner, played games, and wrapped gifts. I am continually thankful for the people my husband works with and how they are truly more like family than just coworkers. He lives with this people a third of the time, and we all support each other through the ups and downs.


  1. I like the one about always knowing the people coming to help you! I see what your saying about them seeing you in your underwear, but it would be so comforting having someone that you know and trust take care of you at a time like that. Yay for built-in girl's nights! I have those too and it's awesome. Happy Saturday!

  2. could BE a firefighter! I'm a female wildland firefighter and I have had some amazing adventures!

  3. This is SO awesome!

    I love the built in 2nd family. Our best friend is a paramedic, but works very closely with the firefighters, and they are SUCH a great group of people!

  4. I love all these! It sounds like you have a wonderfully balanced marriage- so perfect!

  5. I didn't marry one but two of my brother's are firemen! =)

  6. I like that fact that you know they care about others which shows a lot about their character!

  7. What a interesting life you have! enjoy it all the time