Friday Favorites


One. I started Jillian Michaels thirty day shred on Monday, and girlfriend is seriously trying to kill me. I'm not going to lie, days one and two were brutal. I couldn't stand up or sit down without feeling the burn in my legs. Day three got a little easier, and by day four I was feeling like a champ! My only regret is that I didn't take measurements or before pictures prior to starting the videos because I haven't lost a single pound all week, but I know that I'm losing inches, toning up, and gaining muscle.
Two. I decided to go far outside my comfort zone this week and painted my nails red. I honestly don't think I've ever in the history of ever worn red fingernail polish. I'll paint my nails black all winter long, but red.. it scares me. So far the red is still very much present on my fingernails and I am still very much trying to get used to the color.
Three. I've lived in Alabama practically my entire life and only a handful of times do I remember receiving more than an inch of snow. I don't ever remember receiving as much snow as we got Wednesday night. It was soft and fluffy snow too, not the usual slushy ice mixed snow that we usually receive. I know I said that I'm over all this winter weather, but I would have been more than happy if that snow stuck around for a few more days. It was beautiful!
Four. When trapped indoors all week waiting on snow puppy cuddles are more than necessary. Maybe it was because the cabin fever was beginning to set in for all of us, but my dogs were extra sweet and snuggly this week. I didn't mind one single bit!
Five. I was having one of those weeks where I just really needed a Grande Skinny Hazelnut Macchiato, but because I was working from home nearly all week I was too lazy to venture out of the house (I mean it could have snowed/iced at any minute!) and get one. Finally by Thursday afternoon I decided to take a shower and get out of the house. The first place I headed to was Starbucks and finally got my fix. It was even more delicious than I anticipated. Too soon for another?! No? Good.

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  1. Hahaha, red nails used to scare me too! I was always afraid of painting them red and never even owned a bottle. But then I got hooked through one of my friends and now I wear it often... but I'm so pale that I thought it'd be horrible! I've grown to love it and I think it looks great on you!! =)

  2. The puppy cuddles are to die for-- seriously, my heart just skipped a beat and I can't wait to pick up my little guy tonight. Red looks good on you but I can totally relate to not doing that color much. I hope you have a great weekend (And Vday)-- don't work out too much.. UNLESS you are working out for me, then.. by all means, Work It Girl :)

  3. Love the red nail polish!! When you don't have to commute anywhere - the snow really is a beautiful thing! Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. The puppy snuggles picture is too precious!! I think the snow is pretty when you don't have to shovel it, drive in it, or go to work. It's much prettier that way! ;)

  5. You are gong to rock the 30 Day Shred...I just know it! I really wanted Starbucks this morning, but I took too long getting ready and didn't have time to stop. Now I am totally jealous and mad at myself after seeing yours. Maybe this weekend I will stop and get my fix!

    Hope you have a great weekend! Happy Valentine's Day!!

  6. Yay for Starbucks in hand and for the #snowpocalypse2014 to finally be over!!

  7. You've got this 30 day shred girlfriend! You can do it...and that starbucks, is calling my name!!! Love it! Enjoy your weekend!!!

  8. Love cudding with Burke on a cold yucky day!