5 Things I Don't Believe In


I have a very strong and passionate belief systems. In fact, the word Believe has such a significant meaning to me that I decided to tattoo it on my body (and use it in my blog name). I have a strong belief in my faith, myself, and my loved ones. I believe in the power of prayer, the power of positivity, and the power of love.
With all that I believe in, however, there are still a few things that I don't believe in.
1. Spending thousands (or hundreds) of dollars on "designer" dogs. Unfortunately this hasn't always been a belief (or disbelief?) of mine. I forked over more money than I had to my name to buy Cooper five years ago. Cooper was supposed to be a registered Shih-Tzu, however, it doesn't take a genius to see that he is actually a mutt-dog. Granted, he is the most perfect mutt-dog ever, but I could have gone to the Humane Society. Thankfully I've sense learned my lesson. We adopted Kane last year at the Humane Society, and I will forever support adopting rescues.

2. Marriage may only be between a man and a woman. I'm not one to talk politics around these parts (although I actually love politics - I even minored in Political Science), but this is something I feel incredibly strong about. Marriage should be between two people who love each other. Period. I don't care if it's a man and a woman, two men, two women, or two aliens. If the love is there then by all means it should be celebrated and respected.

3. Shopping before the sun rises.  See also, Black Friday shopping. You would have to be crazy to attempt to drag me out of bed before the sun rises just to take me to a mall where I would be forced to fight a crowd of crazies to get through the door. No thanks. You go fight the soccer moms for the last Tickle Me Elmo. I'll sip my latte and browse online for everything I need.

4. Wearing white after Labor Day. Blame it on my Southern roots. As much as I love my white dresses, pants, and shoes, they will be forced back into the back of the closet once Labor Day comes around. I can't do it. I just can't.

5. Not living with your significant other before marriage. Again, I understand this is a controversial topic. However, here's the deal, I'm a difficult person. I'm especially difficult when it comes to living with me. Steven needed to know what he was in for before marriage, which is one of the reasons we decided to buy our house eight or so months before getting married. I like things a certain way. Sometimes I need a spotless house. Other times, I can go to bed with dishes in the sink and be completely fine with it. I'm random, I'm difficult, and I'm just all around hard to live with. Thankfully, Steven has overcome my incredibly strange living habits and still wants to marry me.

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  1. I agree with all of the above lady :) Although with black friday shopping... i usually go out at midnight on Thanksgiving, much more of a night owl than an early riser.

  2. I completely agree with all but the white afer Labor Day. Mostly because a)I don't own that much white & b)I've never understood the reasoning behind it. Like where did it come from & why? Blame it on my Northern roots? ha

  3. I completely agree with you - Black Friday is awful and living together before marriage is a must in my book! I have lived with Ross for three years and am SO glad that we made that decision. Have a great weekend!

  4. Yes to all of these! Although, I will admit that I have gone Black Friday shopping, but it's not worth it in my book.

  5. Sooo I totally go Bacl Friday shopping. It is the thing my mom and I look forward to most to do together every year since I was about 10. But I totally agree with not wearing white after labor day and that living with someone before you are married is the smartest thing you could ever do for your relationship!

    Gracie is a designer dog and I am not one bit sorry. I tried to adopt from TWO different shelters in GA before purchasing her and no one would let me have a dog because I lived in an apartment and didn't have a fenced in back yard. RIDICULOUS!!! One of the shelters was a kill shelter. Apparently they would rather kill a dog than let an apartment dweller adopt one. I think the rules in Alabama are a little different and if we get another pet it will most likely be adopted...but they shouldn't be so ridiculous with their qualifications. I have a fenced in back yard and a house with two perfect dogs...surely they would approve me now.

  6. Yes to all of these! I definitely believe in number 5. I'm also difficult so I'm glad my husband could see what he was getting himself into first.
    Have a good weekend!

  7. cheers to #5 gf! I'm the same way, I don't even know what I want. It changes so often! haha
    As for #3, there's no way I am getting up at the butt-crack of dawn to shop with crazy ladies pulling hair. Nope!
    Showered With Design

    only what? 15 more days??? eeep!

  8. My husband and I also lived together before we were married. We wanted to make sure we could actually stand to live with each other before we got married and then realized that we would drive each other nuts haha!

  9. And these are all the reasons why I like you. I believe in all these same things. Number 5 is so me too, though I live with guys better if they are less sloppy.

  10. I feel like I know you better, now that I read these :)
    And we would definitely get along great!!

  11. I agree 100% with living together before you get married. It would be such a hard adjustment once you get married to try to live with someone you never have before. Maybe I agree so much because I too am difficult to live with haha.

  12. Yay for number 1!!!!!! We need more people to support rescues!!!! =)

  13. BIG yes to the last one. It goes along with how the Duggars date. How can you marry someone you haven't even kissed? What if the kissing is horrible?