My Life in Numbers


16 - Number of days until I become a MRS!

18 - Number of days until Steven and I are honeymooning it up in Jamaica.

35 - Number of times that I mentioned my wedding yesterday.

9 - Number of times yesterday that I checked the wedding day forecast.

8 - Number of hours I have left at work this week.

13 - Number of days I have left at my current job.
What? I forgot to mention that I accepted a new job?! More on that next week.

2 - Number of hours I spent cleaning dog hair out of my house last night.

- Number of times I pressed snooze before getting out of bed this morning.

3 - Number of times I went back into the bathroom this morning to make sure I unplugged my straightener.

2 - Number of outfits I put on this morning before saying screw it and throwing on the closest thing on my bedroom floor.

4 - Number of times I woke up last night because of my dogs jumping on and off the bed.

- Number of times I've painted my nails this week.

8 - Number of thank you cards that I've written so far this week.

6 - Number of months until my 25th birthday.

11 - Number of days until Steven's 29th birthday.

45 - Number of minutes this morning that it took me to come up with all these numbers.

**I'm looking for a few fabulous ladies to takeover the blog while I'm out on official wedding and honeymoon business next month. If you're interested in guest posting please send me an email and we'll talk details.**  
 photo dd72f087-87dd-40f7-b623-f339f56bff7b_zps335335ef.jpg

Today I'm excited to introduce a coffee & tea bistro that has so much more to offer than just delicious products. Bobbie is an amazing woman who not only put her heart and soul into her company, but is using the company to give back to the community. She is truly a role model in the community, and her store, Believe Bistro, is the kind of place that I would feel honored to support.

Take it away Bobbie:

Believe bistro brings exceptional coffee & tea right to your front door. Our coffee is sustainably grown and fairly traded, with organic options. The tea is all-natural coming in a variety of types and flavors. Enjoy it loose or in bags. 

In November 2012 Believe bistro was launched by adoptive/foster mom, Bobbie Howden. The company employs special needs teen in foster care. Believing every individual to be uniquely talented, Believe bistro gives often overlooked individuals a chance to shine. 

Head over and check out Believe Bistro today!


  1. What a great idea!! Might copy you at some point when I get my blog back in order. haha.

  2. I press snooze a minimum of 6 times every morning.
    It's bad lol
    My poor kids suffer when I do that, because then it's a rush every morning when they get ready for school!

    Haha. I feel ya on the straightener. I've started unplugging it and laying it in the kitchen so I don't have to keep checking.

  3. Love these numbers haha!! I also check more than once to make sure my flat iron is turned off too!

  4. I love this idea! I spend at least 2 hours a week cleaning dog hair up, it's the worst! I totally locked the bedroom door last night they jumped up/down off the bed so many times they got kicked out.

  5. I really love this idea. I might use it in my April A-Z challenge for N! (If I remember that far into the month that is)

  6. I love these number posts!!! I cant wait to hear all about your new job! Congrats girl!

  7. Eeek it is getting so close! You got a new job?! Congrats! The dogs jumping on and off the bed is so my life! Ugh!

  8. New job and a wedding?? Girl- sounds like you're right on board with me about doing crazy life changes all at once!!

  9. Just stumbled upon your blog and I am in love with it. Congrats on the new job and your upcoming wedding :)

  10. Love the numbers thing! We have 54 days left until our wedding and I'm just so unbelievably excited! The closer we get, the more I talk about it. People are probably going to stop hanging out with me soon!