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I'm excited to introduce you today to the adorable Kelsey from Little Red. Kelsey is pretty much an expert when it comes to all things DIY. She even posted a step by step tutorial for making a killer headboard (that I'm currently lusting over). And, of course, any dog lover is a friend of mine!

Take it away, Kelsey!

Hi there! I’m Kelsey and I’m so excited to be taking over one of my favorite blogs today! I’ve been following Believe in the Sparks and several others for almost a year now but just finally started up my own blog a couple of months ago. After following these ladies and learning about their stories I thought I would try my hand and see if anyone likes what I have to say! I’m a born and bred New Englander, in my (mid?) twenties, and currently work and live in Boston. Yes I love the Sox, Celts, Pats, and Bruins. No I don’t have an accent.  Learn a little more about me below and if you’re interested, stop by my blog to see all my adventures, big and small. 

When and why did you start blogging?
Truth be told I started over a year ago but failed miserably. I didn’t feel ready to share my blog on my own personal social media, and had yet to discover this huge blogging community. I really began taking it seriously about a month ago. I started fresh with a new blog and created post categories for myself to help stay on track and motivated.

I wanted to start blogging because I think it reminds you that ordinary life can be extraordinary. In reading other’s blogs, I realized that I loved hearing about their lives, what they wore, what they did, who they were with. The bloggers I follow seem to have such an appreciation for the life they are living. I wanted an outlet to do the same with my every day life.

How did you come up with the name of your blog?
Some people call me ‘baby ginge’ others call me ‘little red’. Lets just say I’m a redhead and 5 feet tall on a good day, so its pretty self explainatory.

What can people expect when they visit your blog?
I have to warn you that you can’t expect too much YET. As I mentioned, I only got serious recently. So far I have some DIY Projects and Recap stories. In the future you can expect a range of posts about projects, recipes, outfits, etc. I try to keep it organized!

What are some of your favorite hobbies?
I have a passion for event planning. It’s not what I do as a career, but if I could I would. I also love decorating and décor. I’m somewhat new to cooking but really love it. Fitness is important to me but I’m still working on a way to enjoy it. I’ve also been a dancer my whole life and continue to do it today. And I should probably mention the BF! We’ve been together for over three years and he takes up enough of my time to be considered a hobby. He totally LOVES when I stop in the middle of a conversation and say “wait I have to take a picture of this for my blog!”

What is your favorite quote?
I don’t know if this is my all time favorite quote but its is something that has been inspiring me lately. “Do something everyday that scares you”. Maybe it is not that original but I have definitely taken it to heart. I’m really not a risk taker, but lately I’ve been finding that biting the bullet and taking chances has paid off. Can I tell you something? This guest post is scary! What if no one likes what I have to say? I can promise you that my fingers are crossed that I’ll get some new readers, and more motivation to make this blog awesome! 
Isn't she fabulous?! Head over and tell Kelsey hello. 
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  1. Omgosh I just actually shrieked when I saw Kels on here today!!! She is my sorority sister <3 Love herrrrrr!!

  2. Awesome! Thank you for sharing :)