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Hello everyone! Thank you so much to Morgan for letting me introduce myself and fill some time for her on the blog! My name is Cayte and I share my stories at Blog with the Browns and I have been seriously blogging for about four months now.  Somehow I stumbled upon Believe in the Sparks and now I follow along religiously! And lets be real, who doesn’t love this awesome blog design!?!
Anyways…A little about me..
I have been married to the love of my life, D.J. since September 2013 and we share our home with our spoiled yellow lab Stryker.  If you have never stopped by the blog, please do! I spend a lot of time talking about my #baseballwifelife.  
My husband is a professional baseball player with the Cleveland Indians!  Being a baseball wife has its pros and cons.  Unfortunately, I am not able to travel with him during the seasons since I have a full time job.  I am so thankful that during the off-season we are able to be together and have a place to call home.  We have planted roots in Norfolk, Virginia where I have lots of family and friends.  D.J.’s family is only about 2.5 hours away so it’s a close drive.  I love being close to home and in a familiar area, but there will eventually come a time when I want to experience the life on the road with him! We are so lucky to have him close to us in Raleigh this season with the Carolina Mudcats! I am already planning all my weekend trips to visit!

I think its safe to say that we are all super jealous of Morgan and her hubby spending this time on the white sandy beaches of Jamaica!  We spent our honeymoon on the beautiful island of St. Lucia.  It was by far the most luscious and romantic island ever.  The beaches were beautiful and the terrain of the island was unlike any other island.  Ok, ok. I’ll stop fantasizing over a tropical paradise and wrap this post up! I hope you all have a fabulous day and thanks for letting me take over your daily read on Believe in the Sparks!

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  1. Get out of here! You live in Cleveland?! I love meeting new Clevelanders in the little blogland. I'm heading over to your blog as we speak...well type...whatever you get the point haha :)