DIY Upholstered Ottoman {Little Red}


Hello everyone! My name is Kelsey and I blog over at Little Red! My blog mainly focuses on DIY projects, home décor, cooking, and a few recaps of blog-worthy life moments. Speaking of blog-worthy, I just moved to a cute little apartment in Boston. This new adventure obviously required a lot decorating and DIY projects, so today I want to share a brand new DIY post!

The apartment is tiny, I have minimal space for things that make a big impact. I knew I wanted to incorporate pattern in some way, and I loved the DIY upholstered ottoman that I found here.

Below is my version, hope you enjoy!

You will need:
1.     A coffee table that you want to repurpose– I bought mine at Walmart for less than $20
2.     Quilt batting
3.   Roughly 2 Yards of fabric of your choice
4.     Staple gun
6.  Razor knife/Scissors

Step 1.
If you bought a coffee table like I did, you might need to put it together! Tip – maybe don’t start at 10:00 PM on a weekday.
Step 2.
Cut the batting and fabric down to size. You will want at least 6 inches of extra fabric on all sides,  maybe longer or shorter depending on the edging of your table. The batting should be smaller than the fabric, so that you won’t peek out of the edges when you’re done (I learned this the hard way.)  Lay out the fabric upside down, then the batting, then place the table upside down on top of it. If your fabric has a pattern, make sure its straight!
Step 3.
Start on one of the short ends of the table (unless it’s a square table and then just choose an end!), fold over the fabric and secure with the staple gun. Make sure you are applying enough pressure to the end of the staple gun so that the staples go all the way in.Staple the opposite end next. Make sure to pull the batting and fabric as tight as you can this time! Repeat with the long edges.
Step 4.
Now that all the sides are stapled down, you will need to fix the corners. Think of these the same way you would when wrapping a present. Take the left over fabric and pull out from the center, creating a triangle. Fold the triangle down along one edge and staple in place. You may need to use a razor knife or scissors to go back around and cut the excess fabric, depending on how careful you were about measuring it. (see my batting peaking out below? Don't let this happen to you.)
Step 5.
Finished product!


  1. This looks GREAT! I've been wanting to do something similar to this for the end of our bed in the master. I was going to use the cheap LACK tables from Ikea! I have no skill when it comes to sewing.. maybe one day I'll get around to actually doing it!

    1. you should! Its really a no sew project, if you can use scissors and a staple gun you can do it :)

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  3. Great idea! I also love taking old chairs and reupholstering them. Love the fabric your chose.

  4. This is such a great idea! I love love love the fabric you chose!

  5. Love this!! I would love to do this to my current coffee table...and I just might have to!

    1. You should! The hardest part was building the table so if yours already exists it will be simple ! :)

  6. Omgosh that's so cute.

  7. look at you martha stewart!! looks amazing!

  8. How awesome!! Looks great and easy!

  9. LOVE THIS!!!! I definitely need to copy this looks really easy!!!