We Could Be Friends {Raising Kid Clammy}


Hey all you lovely Believe in the Sparks readers!  I am Brandi and I blog over at Raising Kid Clammy. While Morgan is off honeymooning and having a cocktail or two for each of us I thought I would drop in and introduce myself and tell you why Morgan and I could almost be sisters or at least friends.  First and foremost a little about me and my blog.  Raising Kid Clammy is a blog about life. I blog abut our weekends, trips, birthday parties, inspiration from other bloggers and whatever else may come to mind. In fact sweet Morgan inspired a post of mine here.

While Morgan is off honeymooning – I am filling in for her.  Morgan’s wedding was magical – I know this for a fact because I mean why wouldn’t it be.  I wasn’t able to attend because my invite got lost in the mail (darn you mailman) and all the flights from San Diego were booked!  Boohoo.

Now for the really good stuff…how could Morgan and I possibly be almost be sisters or at least besties or maybe just acquaintances. 

I am married (7-1/2 years) and she is now married (7-1/2 hours or a little more) (hence why I am here – she is off honeymooning and all).
Her and her hubby are adorable so she and her hubby will have adorable kids, (I mean they already have adorable fur babies) and I have adorable kids – so that’s just a given! 
We both went to college, which means she is super smart and I well I have two degrees that I am not really putting to use – but you get the point!
We both enjoy a good adult beverage or two or twelve so what’s not to love there!
I hope that she is having a fantastic time on her honeymoon - thanks for stopping by - and I hope sometime you will stop by my blog!