Weddings & Hurricanes {Kids and Cabernet}


Hi Believe In The Sparks readers!  I'm Amanda and I blog over at Kids and Cabernet.  I blog about parenting, life, my favorite wines, fashion finds, decor and basically about anything that comes to mind.  I'm so excited to be posting here while Morgan is on her wedding and honeymoon fun!  All of her wedding talk reminds me of when I got married.  My wedding was almost 10 years ago.  It's amazing how much time flies and how so many things have changed since then!

Unfortunately there's always something that goes wrong during a wedding.... in our case it was a hurricane! Hurricane Jean decided that it was going to do a 360 degree turn and hit FL on the night of our wedding, talk about FUN!  Our wedding time was pushed up a couple of hours to avoid as much bad weather as we could and come to find out at the reception our honeymoon was also delayed - by a DAY!  If only we would've known before the reception we could have postponed the wedding a day. Even with all of the craziness we managed to have a decent wedding day.  Here are some of the pictures {beware, this is  a 10 year-old PRE- Pinerest wedding}
Ready to get hitched!
 For our honeymoon we went on a week long cruise to the Bahamas, Mexico and Grand Cayman Island.
There's nothing like getting married.  It's always chaotic and stressful, but also such a sweet, fun and memorable time!  The years really do go by quickly so it;s important to really cherish the time...  Here we are 10 years later with our two kiddos.
Morgan, I wish you ALL the best!  I can't wait to hear all about your wedding and see your pictures, I'm sure you'll be a BEAUTIFUL bride!


  1. Amanda you were a beautiful bride!! A tropical storm delayed our honeymoon so I kind of know how you felt! Thank goodness everything still went smoothly!

  2. You were a gorgeous bride!! That weather is so annoying but I am sure everyone was too busy having fun to notice!!!