Wine Favorites {Floral Frocks}


Guess who's back?! 
Well, almost back at least. 

Steven and I arrived home from our honeymoon last night. We were sad to leave paradise, but so ready to see our fur babies! I'm so excited as I am to share a full recap of the wedding and honeymoon, but today that just isn't going to happen. Our plane didn't land until late last night, and to say I'm exhausted would be a vast understatement. 

Instead I'm excited to share with you one more guest post. Meredith is a fellow wine lover and Birminghamiam, and she is going to share some of her favorite wines under $10! 

while splurging a little can yield some fantastic wine experiences, great bottles under $10 exist - and they're my favorites!

i actually happen to have one of these bottles prior to writing this post (true testament that it's my favorite, ok?) but i picked up some to photograph. poor me, right? all my favorite wines are just laying around my house now... life's tough.

this isn't wine spectator. i'm not going to talk about the notes or hints of honey/chocolate/baby's breath and how you should cleanse your palette. my tastes are relatively tame, and i find myself sticking more to whites than reds lately. maybe it's a phase? i am constantly trying new wines, but the following are the ones i find myself returning to over and over. prices are based upon my selection here in alabama. enjoy!

01. conosur pinot noir - $9 - this, my friends, is my all-time favorite pinot noir. well-rounded, simple, just barely sweet. if you're new to red wine, give this a try. it's a milder wine. #1 favorite.

02. cupcake prosecco - $10 - this prosecco is divine! delectably tart, slightly sweet, and oh so cheap. it's not too dry, and mixes perfectly for mimosas or other cocktails. i truly enjoy it alone, too! i've tried countless champagnes/proseccos, and this is, without a doubt, the best for the price.

03. beringer moscato - $6 - it doesn't get cheaper than this. moscato is the wine you start with, and it holds many fond memories for me. and even though it's akin to drinking apple juice, a chilled glass of moscato on a summer evening is refreshing and nostalgic. beringer's moscato is balanced - not too sweet, not to tart, but just right. at $6, does it really matter anyway?


  1. Welcome back!! Cant wait to see your recap!! Enjoy being a newlywed!!

  2. Can't wait to see all your pretty pictures!!!!!!

  3. Cupcake prosecco is my favorite!!