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// I had the chicken pox twice. I had a very mild case when I was a baby and then I had them again on Easter Sunday when I was six years old. I obviously don't remember when I got them as a baby, but I do remember how horrible they were the second time around.

// My lifelong dream growing up was to become a Sideline Reporter for the NFL I was so determined in fact, that I took a broadcasting class in high school, became the anchor for my high school news cast every morning, and went on to begin my college career as a Telecommunication major (Fun fact: I didn't actually graduate with a Telecommunication degree, but I did, however, graduate with a degree in Communication).

// I hate feet with a passion. Even the word feet grosses me out. I can't stand looking at someone else's feet, and I will have an absolute come apart if anyone puts there feet anywhere near me. Gross.

// I also hate birds. They are mean little disease carrying creatures who also like to poop on top of the heads of innocent bystanders. I will literally freak out if a bird gets too close to me (I actually have chills from just writing that).

// I can only go to sleep at night if it is pitch black in the bedroom and completely silent. No matter how hard I try, I can't go to sleep with the television on, and sometimes the street light outside of our bedroom is way too bright for me to get to sleep.

// I am an incredibly nervous flyer. I am a somewhat frequent flyer, but I've just given in to the idea that no matter how often I fly, I will always get nervous before takeoff. Thank goodness for airport bars!

// I have three piercings. My ears are double pierced and a I have a belly button ring. I got the first hole in my ears when I was little (too little to even remember). I got my second hole when I was thirteen after two years of non-stop begging, and I got my belly button pierced when I was 15 years old after literally obsessing over it for years. I no longer wear earrings in my second hole, but I do still have my belly button ring in.

// I have two tattoos. I got my first tattoo when I was 19 years old. It is on my lower back on the right side and says "believe." Around the word believe are three tiny stars, each star representing something different - believe in your faith, believe in yourself, and believe in others. I got my second tattoo about 8 months ago. It's on my ribcage on my left side, and it's the infinity sign with the word always written through it. The tattoo is a representation of my relationship with my husband and the word has special meaning to us both.

// I really want just one more tattoo.. Or maybe a couple of more actually, but I already have my next one picked out (sorry, mom!).

// I am germophobic, but only about a few things. I will under very few circumstances share a drink with anyone, even my husband, because the thought of backwash makes me want to vomit. Touching subway rails or taxi seats, however, doesn't phase me one bit.


I'm excited to introduce you today to Vivian from vivianstonexo. Vivian is a California girl and an upcoming bride! Being newly married myself, I've enjoyed reading all about her upcoming wedding plans. It is such an exciting time in her life! 

 When and why did you start blogging? 
I started blogging at first all about beauty, but I fell in love with lifestyle blogs and posts so much that I decided to merge both of my favorite things!

What can people expect when they visit your blog? 
You can expect to see a little bit of everything. Mostly lifestyle, beauty, favorites, and of course wedding posts.

What three words best describe you and why? 
Loyal, Organized, Secretly outgoing. I only say secretly because when I first meet people they think I am the most reserved quiet person, but around my family and friends I’m pretty outgoing.

What are some of your favorite hobbies? 
Blogging is a favorite, and planning my wedding has become a huge hobby!

What is your all time favorite food? 
Mexican Food! I could go for chips and salsa/guac all day every day.

What is your favorite quote? 
I have so many favorite quotes, but right now  love “Every day is a brand new day” I feel like often we feel like one bad day means we have a bad life, but tomorrow is a new day and we need to live it to the fullest because life is short.

You can read more about Vivian on her blog or visit her here:
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  1. Tattoos are totally addicting! It's true. I always love hearing the stories behind people's tattoos. And yes, yes, yes to airport bars! Ha!


  2. I used to only be able to sleep when it was silent also - then I started dating my fiance who could only sleep with music playing. It was a difficult first few years :-)

  3. I need absolute darkness to sleep. We have blackout curtains, and I cover any light that is in our room before I go to bed! We do keep fans on though- the generic white noise helps- if it's too quiet, I start to hear things!

  4. As I've gotten older I've become a crazy germaphobe and also nervous about flying - I'm basically a scardiecat now lol!

  5. I hate birds too!!! They are disgusting creatures that are super creepy.

    I have one tattoo that I got when I was 18. It is a butterfly on my upper right shoulder blade. My dad drew the butterfly and I picked out the colors. I also had them put a heart on each wing...one for my grandmother and and one for my grandfather whom both passed away. I really REALLY want a small tattoo on my inner wrist next. I just dont know what yet?! I have a few ideas and I cant pick.

    I have only flown once in my life for an emergency visit when my grandma was sick. I HATE flying and if I never did it again...I would be ok with that.

  6. Whhhaaaatttt? I thought it was impossible to get chicken pox 2ce. Lucky you. ;) haha
    I am a feet hater too. Ew.

  7. I also hate feet with a passion...even my own! Which is why I've never gotten a pedicure. The thought of touching other people's feet, or other people touching my feet totally weirds me out. I made an exception ONE time when a guy I was dating offered me a foot rub & they were killing me.

    Tattoos are totally addicting. I got my first one at 22 & have gotten a new one every year since. I got #4 just 2 weeks ago.

  8. My ex hated feet too even if they were in socks. I love when tattoos have special meanings.

  9. I love these posts!!! I can never think of enough creative things about me to write one, though. haha.

  10. I have never had the chicken pox and it terrifies me that one day I am going to get it!

  11. Amen about hating feet. They seriously freak me the eff out!
    and Im a germophobe and have to wash my hands/ hand sani them after touching things.

    Showered With Design

    P.s I noticed your sidebar about you is gone, thinking you're changing the "engaged" part to "married" ;)

  12. I'm the same way on the sleeping with the lights out and no noise. My boyfriend hates it because he always wants the TV on to fall asleep. I can't!!!

  13. Oh hey, we had the same dream growing up :) I have wanted to take Erin Andrews or Pam Oliver's jobs FOREVERRR, can't stand either, and went all the way through college, interning and all with my degree and then after my first job interview changed my mind. Haha.

  14. I'm freaked about flying too, but I also have to fly semi-regularly for work. I absoloutely hate that I haven't gotten over it and that it terrifies me so much. The good news is we still fly and conquer that fear every time.

  15. I hate feet too! So gross!! And I can't sleep unless it is dark and quiet too...I can totally nap when it's light and the tv is on, but when I go to bed at night, it has to be dark and quiet.

  16. Chicken pox are the worst!! Thank you so much for featuring me!