Spring Date Ideas


Spend Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market.
The husband and I did exactly this last Saturday morning, and it was fabulous! We walked around admiring all the local fruits and vegetables, drinking coffee, and listening to a jazz band. The weather was perfect, the atmosphere was perfect, and it was a perfect Saturday morning date together. Not only did we have a wonderful time, but we were also able to stock up and our fruits and vegetables for the week!

Plan an afternoon trip to the zoo.
If you're like me, you probably haven't been to the zoo in years. Spring is the perfect time to channel your inner child and head over to admire the animals. Most of the animals are out and about enjoying the warm weather as much as you are, so your all but guaranteed to have a few laughs watching them play.

Go to a baseball game.
Whether you have a minor league, major league, or just a local high school team in town, put on your team colors and head to the ball park. Most baseball teams have theme nights throughout the season, so check your local team's calendar to see what's going on that week. For us, our local minor league stadium participates in $1.00 beer night every Thursday night, so you bet we are the first ones in line on Thursday nights!

Have a picnic at a local park.
Pack up all the picnic essentials (obviously that includes champagne!) and head out to the park. Toast to a fabulous date night together and soak in all the beauty around you. A Spring evening is the perfect time of year for a picnic because the weather is still cool enough to enjoy yourself outside.

Take the dogs to a dog park.
Granted, this idea is only valid if you actually own dogs, but if you don't own dogs of your own (which you should!) you can double date with friends who do. Added bonus, the dogs run off all their energy and are absolutely exhausted by the time they get in the car to go home.

Plan a weekend of yard work together. 
I get it, this doesn't exactly sound like a glamours date activity, but besides the whole "work" part, this is actually a pretty fun thing to do together. A few weekends ago the husband and I took part in a Saturday of yard work together, and actually had a blast doing it. We spent the morning picking out flowers at Home Depot,  came home, opened a few beers, and got to work. We spent most of the afternoon laughing together and getting our hands dirty. In the end, our yard looked a million times better and we felt a sense of accomplishment.

have a backyard campfire (and remember to bring the marshmellows for roasting!). 
Grab some snacks, cocktails, and a couple of blankets and head outside for an evening around the campfire. Spring is the perfect time for a backyard campfire with your man!

Go on an ice cream date.
What pairs better with warm weather than ice cream?! Well, besides a cold beer that is... Research local ice cream shops in your town before you go. Most of the time the small, local shops provide the best history and ice cream. Split a banana split or a sundae with your man, and spend the afternoon catching up together.

Be a tourist in your own town.
Whether you've lived in your town your whole life or you just moved a couple of years ago, there are probably quite a few places that you've never experienced. Get online and search for those hidden gems, or better yet, just get in the car and start driving. Sometimes a long drive together is the best way to connect.

Invest in a little friendly competition.
Does your man enjoy a round of golf? Are you an expert on the tennis court? Put your skills into action with a game of friendly competition. Turn the competition up by placing bets. Loser buys dinner that night!
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  1. All awesome ideas! We have a great farmers market close to us- and I always forget about it! But now that it's getting close summer, they will have so much great stuff, we really need to go back.

  2. Love these ideas- we have an open market on Sundays and it's the perfect day date!! Mini golf would be fun too!

  3. Ohhh these sound awesome! I need to make time to cross of the items off your list this Spring/Summer!

  4. So much fun! We love going to the Royals games and taking dog walks! We have a park behind our house that the boxers love!

  5. I love these ideas!!! There are certainly some places around town that we haven't checked out yet!

  6. Love these ideas! The dog park and a baseball game are ones I would pick though I love a good competition too!

  7. I wish we lived closer, we could totally double date. These are all my favorite things to do!

  8. We did yard work together last weekend! It was such a fun experience, we woke up in the morning, went to buy flowers and mulch, then spent the rest of the day wedding, gardening, planting, etc.