The Best Spring Ever


Does anyone else feel like the last few months have just flown by? I feel like we were just scrapping ice off of the windshield of the car, and with a snap of the finger, Summer has nearly made its arrival!
Since Memorial day technically kicks off the start of Summer (at least in my mind), I thought it would be fun to look back and recap the whirlwind that was Spring.

1. We got married!
After sixteen long months of wedding planning, Steven and I finally tied the knot on April 12, 2014. We said "I do" in front of 225 of our closest family and friends and then danced the night away under the stars. Our wedding day was perfect in every way, and now I get to spend the rest of my life with my very own Prince Charming.

2. My new husband and I spent a week in Jamaica honeymooning!
Two days after our fairytale wedding, my new husband and I boarded a flight for Jamaica. We spent seven days lounging around on the beach, relaxing in the pool, and drinking all the delicious boat drinks that our little hearts desired. Is it too early to start planning our next vacation?!
3. I started a new job!
One week after returning from the best vacation I've ever been on, I started a brand new job. Some may call all the change at one time stressful, I called it an adventure.
4. I bought my very own car!
On a whim one day after work, Steven and I went to look at cars. We knew that it was about time to trade in my beloved Lexi, but we had no plans to purchase a car that night. Needless to say, we left the dealership that night with a brand new Explorer! It was an adjustment to get used to the big size, but I think I've just about mastered it.
5. My beautiful Godson was born!
Have you ever seen anything more adorable in your life?! Last week my best friend called me to tell me her water broke and twelve hours later this beautiful, tiny angel was born into the world. I love this little munchkin so much, and I can't wait to watch him grow.
And that about wraps up the most eventful, most fabulous Spring there ever was! 
To put on end on the perfect season, the husband and I are heading down to Florida today to see my beautiful cousin marry the man of her dreams on Saturday. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend!

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  1. Girl you have had a pretty fantastic spring!! And hopefully the summer is just as wonderful!! Congrats on everything! xo

  2. You have had a VERY eventful spring!!! So many exciting changes. Hopefully this summer will be just as wonderful!

  3. This has been a very good spring for you! I has FLOWN. I can't believe June is just over a week away.

  4. Wow, the best spring ever for sure! So many exciting things happening. I hope that your summer is as fun and exciting! After all, you'll be able to enjoy wedded bliss, take more trips with your hubby, spoil your godson, and cruise around in your amazing car! So, it'll be like spring times 2! :) Have a great weekend!

  5. All amazing things!! Hoping summer will be just as I'm sure it will!

  6. So much awesome in one little season! Spring has speeded right on past, hasn't it?! It went entirely too fast. I love how you will always look back on Spring 2014 and remember all these blessings! =)

  7. What an amazing spring you've had! Probably the best spring ever! I'm so happy for all the wonderful things you had in your life! Hope the rest of your year continues to be just as great!

  8. You have had a very exciting past few months!!!! love the new ride!

  9. You had a pretty exciting Spring! Hope the summer brings even more fun adventures!

  10. You have had a very exciting Spring!! I am so excited for summertime!! Have an awesome long weekend!

  11. Wow girl your spring was UH-mazing!!! Congrats and your wedding and honeymoon photos are perfect!!! :)

  12. What a fabulous spring!!! SO many exciting things have happened for you guys! Here's to an amazing summer!!! :)

  13. I LOVE the colors you did for your wedding! And I agree that all that change at once isn't always a bad thing - just dive in head first, right?! Excited to be following your blog :)