Secrets to Staying Relaxed on Your Wedding Day


In the days leading up to my wedding day I received many comments from strangers and family alike noting my uncharacteristic calm and relaxed demeanor. It's no secret that brides are crazy stressed in the days (or weeks or months) leading up to her big day, but I can sit here and honestly tell you that I wasn't the least bit stressed or nervous about my wedding day. It was kind of weird, actually (in a glorious way of course). 
I'm a stressed out person by nature. Daily stress constantly takes control of my life. That combined with my extreme type-A and slightly OCD personality produces the perfect formula for an uptight and stressed out bride... Except I wasn't either. I was as calm as a cucumber, and I like to think that these five reasons below had a lot to do with it.
Hire a wedding coordinator.
I know I've said it before, but hiring a wedding coordinator was the best decision I made throughout my entire planning process. He took all my worries and fears about the wedding and turned them into his priority. He gave me a timeline, an agenda, and he made things happen. Most importantly, he was there on my wedding day planning and designing and coordinating. I didn't have to do a thing on my day other than relax and prepare to take that walk down the aisle. He had everything else under control. If I can give you just one piece of advice for your wedding day, here it is: budget for a wedding coordinator. Make cuts elsewhere in the wedding so you can hire that person who will become your bestie and your lifesaver during your planning process and especially on your wedding day.
Fun fact: my wedding designer/coordinator is actually the same brilliant man who will be designing the wedding of a certain minor "celebrity" couple next month. You may know who I'm talking about, especially if you live in the South.

Start the day early.
My ceremony was scheduled to begin at 5:00pm, but the wedding day process starting at 7:00 that morning. My girls and I eased through the hair and makeup process while leaving plenty of extra time for mimosa sipping and storytelling. We took our time arriving at the venue, and were able to put on our dresses without a moment of rush. Not one moment of my wedding day felt chaotic or rushed. I had time to sit around and soak in everything happening around me. Create an agenda for your day, and stick to it. Thankfully I had my coordinator who did this for me, but it's something a bride can easily do herself before the big day. Have a timeline, and then add thirty extra minutes to complete each activity. This will give you plenty of extra wiggle room in case there is a hiccup during the day.

Don't stress about the things that you can't control.
The unexpected will happen. You can not anticipate or prepare for every little thing on your wedding day.I arrived at the venue on my wedding day to see a haze of smoke surrounding the property. There was an apparent controlled brush fire happening about a mile from the venue, and the smoke extended for miles. My coordinator did all he could, including calling the mayor of the small town, but it was to no avail. The fire was in full force and there was nothing that could be done to stop it. My initial reaction when I saw the smokey haze was to freak out, but I knew that I couldn't control it and thus a freak out wouldn't help the situation. Thankfully all worked out in the end. The fire wrapped about a couple of hours before the ceremony, and there wasn't a trace of smoke in the air come wedding time!

Keep a mimosa in hand at all times.
I am in no way condoning brides to get drunk, or even tipsy before she takes that walk down the aisle, but do believe me when I say that mimosas (in moderation) do wonders for the nerves! Just trust me on this one.

Turn up the music and put on a mini concert with all your best girls before the ceremony starts. 
My bridesmaids did a fabulous job keeping the music playing all day long, but about an hour before the ceremony started, my girls turned up the party music and led us all in song and dance. We belted out a little Miley Cyrus (Party in the USA to be exact) and danced around in our dresses and heels. It was the perfect way to shake out and last minute jitters before walking down the aisle. Not to mention, it was a wonderful memory I share with my girls of that very special day.
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  1. Was your wedding coordinator day-of, month-of, or with you for the entire planning process? When I get married it'll be in my home state, 7 hours from where I live now. I can't imagine not having a wedding planner, but my mom is dead set that it's not necessary and she can handle things. I've heard other brides say a day-of coordinator was all they needed and others say they found someone who took over for the last month. Also can you give a general idea of the cost? I've heard some are paid a percentage of your total wedding cost, and others are a flat rate. The idea of not having a coordinator for a wedding out of state is beyond stressful to me!

  2. I cannot agree more about the get started early and don't stress the things you can't control. I'd rather sit and wait than be rushed, at least you had smoke, i had chicken house smells. seriously.
    If i could go back, I'd totally get a day of coordinator not just a wedding director or just pick someone to be my go to person

  3. So true! I'm usually stressed/OCD, whatever you want to call it, so I was worried I'd be super stressed on my wedding day too. But like you, I was really calm, and everyone kept telling me they could not believe how calm I was. I think that starting early and leaving plenty of time for hair, makeup, photos, etc. was key to this. I'm glad you were able to have a stress free wedding day!!

  4. I didn't hire a coordinator, but I agree with you 100% on all the rest of that! It's amazing how being calm really makes all the difference!!

  5. Girl, I can PROMISE You that when that beautiful day comes a wedding coordinator will be there! Who is this celebrity that you speak of? I can't think to save my life!

  6. These are tips that I will forsure use!! Mimoas, for the win!

  7. Awww I love that your bridesmaids got you all pumped for the ceremony.. great idea!! And yes... mimosa in hand at all times!! :)