This is Summer


// Feet in the sand and a book in hand.

// Open-toed shoes.

// weekends on the lake.

// Maxi dresses and mini dresses.

// Drinking boat drinks while riding around on the pontoon.

// Bright color nail polish displayed on fingers and toes.

// Outdoor concerts.

// Friday night beer and grill-outs with friends.

// Burning legs on the leather seats of a hot car.

// The air conditioner on full blast... all the time.

// Sunburns and tan lines.

// Incredibly hot and sticky in the South.

// Having to shave your legs every single day.

// Riding with the windows down.

// Taking as many vacations as possible.

// Day drinking on the patio.

// Dinners on the back porch.

// Hot.

// So very hot.

// And also so very humid.

Today I have the gorgeous Merrissa from Rad Maverix here to answer a few questions about herself and her blog. Any girl who treats her dogs like her first born children and can down Mexican food for every meal is certain to be a friend of mine! Take it away, Merrissa....

Hello! I’m Merrissa and I blog over at Rad Maverix, a life + style blog. I am currently living in Oklahoma and am working in the Lending industry. I have 3 pups that consume almost all of my free time, Gus, Clara & Bubba (Gump). In my spare time (haha, what’s that?) you can find me spending time with my mom, who happens to be my best friend, or sitting in the stands watching my boyfriend team rope at PRCA Rodeos. I am also in the midst of starting an affordable “Tees & Tanks” line that I’m hoping will be launching sometime in September!

When and why did you start blogging?
I actually started blogging exactly 1 year ago, June 2013. Rad Maverix started out as a tool to keep my best friend, Candace, and I connected while she was away at college. Since then, she has graduated and is on that long journey to finding her perfect career, so I have been running Rad Mav by myself, since early May.

What can people expect when they visit your blog?
Too many photos of my dogs. Haha I don’t have children so they are my children! I also post OOTD’s, DIY’s, a lot of freebies (pintables, downloads, etc) and host the occasional giveaway!

What is your favorite movie and why?
Sex and the City (#1). My first year of college, at KU, I literally watched this movie several times a week.  I can recite every single word to this movie. I’m also a hopeless romantic, so I may or may not be obsessed with Carrie & Mr. Big!

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
Homegirl would be getting shiny-bright veneers! My parents spent a lot of money straightening my teeth in grade school all to be ruined only a short time later. I was in a softball accident when I was 15 (1 year after my braces were removed) that broke my nose, jaw, busted a blood vessel in my lip and knocked out 2 of my front teeth. I was devastated. The accident was pretty bad; rumors were going on at school that I actually died. My Dentist was able to save my teeth and reconnect them, but they are basically dead. I go in to get root canals and have them bleached every so often, but they’re not the same.

What is your all time favorite food?
Mexican!! I could eat Mexican food every single day. It’s a pretty bad addiction. We lived in California when I was little and my Nanny was a little Hispanic lady. She would cook us authentic Mexican food all the time and make us orange juice from scratch! Loved that lady!

Find more of Merrissa here:

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  1. You forgot that summer is amazing! :) And I can only imagine how hot/humid it gets where you are -- I feel like it's bad here in PA.

  2. Hot. So very, very hot. And humid! I can't breath! Haha!

    Day drinking on the patio is my favorite weekend activity.

  3. LOL at having to shave your legs every day. Very true. It's definitely very, very hot in the south. I always have to put my car AC on full blast the second I get in.

  4. Ahhhh I love summer. Minus the can't breathe humidity and the shaving your legs everyday! :)

  5. maxis and dinner on the patio are what I live for. I would say margaritas, but since limes are so expensive I can't even afford them :)

  6. I can't wait for lots of weekends on my parent's pontoon boat. It is the best! Can't wait to check out Rad Maverix.

  7. it definitely gets humid here in Georgia.

  8. Everything about this list makes me feel so happy it's summer. :)

  9. Bright nails are definitely one of my favorite parts of summer! Just painted mine all hot pink & it just makes me so stinking happy!