04.12.2014 {{The First Dances}}


As dinner concluded, my dad made his way to the stage to give the sweetest speech and introduce us as the first time as husband and wife. It was extra special to have my dad as the one to introduce us at the reception, and it meant so much to both, Steven and I to have our families so involved on our day. 

As my dad introduced us, Steven and I began to make our way to the dance floor. We both gave my dad a big hug and the band began to play our first dance song, You Look Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton.
For us, coming up with a first dance song was no easy task. All of the songs that we would consider "our songs" are far too fast to dance to and not quite as romantic as we were going for (most of "our songs" are modern day country party songs). 

One night while I was out of town on a work trip I had a dream that Steven and I were dancing on our wedding night to You Look Wonderful Tonight. I called Steven as soon as I woke up the next morning to tell him about my dream, and he immediately blurted out "that's it! That's the song!" We took it as a sign, and sure enough, that is what we danced to on our wedding night.
After mine and Steven's dance ended my dad made his way to the dance floor to dance with his little girl (I'll forever be a daddy's girl!). My dad gave Steven a hug and then the band began to play I Loved Her First by Heartland. 

I vividly remember hearing this song for the first time when I was in high school. After listening to it I remember texting my dad and telling him that he needed to find the song and listen to it because it would be the song that we would one day in the future dance to at my wedding. Sure enough, eight or so years later, that was the song that we danced to at my wedding. 

My dad and I each listened to this song over and over again throughout my engagement thinking that if we listened to it enough times before we danced to it that neither of us would cry. It didn't work. I cried every single time I listened to it. To keep from crying while we were dancing at the wedding we talked through the song. We talked about how beautiful and perfect the ceremony was, how many people were there to celebrate with us, how amazing the entire day was, and so forth. Anything we could do to keep from focusing on the sweet, tear jerking lyrics. 

And we made it through without crying... much.
Once our song ended my dad and I made our way off the dance floor and Steven and his mom made their way onto it. The band soon began to play Forever Young by Rod Stewart and they shared their dance. It was so sweet to see Steven dancing with his mom out there. They were both laughing and smiling the entire dance. It was pure happiness.
 After their dance was over, there was still just one more dance to go. Our wedding would not have been possible without the love and support of our parents, so they deserved a dance too. My mom and dad made their way out on the dance floor as the band began to play You & Me by Dave Matthews. The first time my mom heard this song when it was released she immediately exclaimed that was her and my dad's new song, and sure enough, it has been "their song" ever since. 
After a minute or so into the song Steven's parents joined them on the dance floor to finish it out. It's not often that both, the bride and the groom, have parents that are still together and so in love like our both of our parents are, so it was wonderful to see our role models and biggest support system all out there together dancing. 
As the song concluded Steven and I made our way out to the dance floor to dance out the ending of the song with them. It felt like that very moment was when our two families joined together as one. Steven and I are so lucky to have so much love surrounding us.

Our parents are a prime example of what a marriage is all about. They prove to us every single day that it is possible, and we owe so much to them.
 Venue || The Oaks Plantation
Flowers || Hot House Studio
Dress || Lazaro 
Photographer || Armosa Studios
Catering || Kathy G. & Company

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  1. This is seriously the sweetest dance recap I have ever read. The look of joy that everyone has is just perfect! What a blessing it is to have parents on both sides to set that example!! Ah! I am not even going to lie, I shed a tear reading this!

  2. I was crying through this whole recap #crazygirl.
    I danced to Heartland with my dad too, that is seriously the ultimate daddy/daughter song & having both of your parents still together on both side is such a blessing, and it's awesome that you two have those couples to look at for guidance on what a marriage looks like:)

  3. These pictures are absolutely breathtaking!

  4. I love this! Those are really sweet songs to dance to, and I love that it came to you in a dream. All your photos are precious.

  5. Omgosh! I love that you gave both of your parents time to dance, as well! Such a unique/sweet idea!

  6. I really wish I could have your photographer for my wedding! haha But seriously, these are such beautiful moments, and you guys are so lucky and both sets of parents are still together and were able to share dances at the wedding! So wonderful :)

  7. I LOVE "Wonderful Tonight," it's one of my all time favorite songs! I also love "I Loved Her First," it makes me cry every single time!

  8. sooo perfect! I love just about anything by Eric, so I think that was the perfect song choice, of course :)

  9. I love the idea of both sets of parents dancing to a song too! My (hopefully) soon to be fiance's parents are still together after 32 years, and mine have been together 42. I might have to steal this idea!!

  10. I remember the first time I hear "I Loved Her First" The first few hundred times I heard it I would cry every time thinking about my future wedding day & being daddy's little girl. Of course I think I was a freshman in college & pretty much every daddy daughter song was making me cry.

  11. love all of this morgan! so beautiful and sweet!

  12. I always love hearing about what songs people choose and why. Your pictures are beautiful!

  13. So sweet! I love that your parents had a dance too, that's such a great idea! You are so right, it's rare to see both sets of parents that are still married now a days, so it's awesome that you got to experience such a great time with them at your wedding.

  14. you are flawless! The Tennessee cake is awesome... for a Tennessee cake. ;) Ha! The dances, omg... I know I will just lose it when me and my Daddy dance together. So beautiful!