04.12.2014 {{Bouquet & Garter Toss}}


No wedding would be complete without the obligatory bouquet and garter toss, right? We decided to to our tosses during the reception in between lots of dancing. I threw my bouquet (well actually I threw a bridesmaid bouquet because my bouquet weighed seven pounds, no lie, and that would really hurt to catch) from the balcony of the barn on site. The barn was located right beside the dance floor and housed the groom's cake as well as our photo booth. 
All my (single) ladies circled up below the balcony aimed for the prize bouquet. After a minute or so of taunting the girls with the bouquet, I turned around backwards and tossed it up in the air. In typical female fashion, it was an all out war fighting to catch that thing.

In the end, one of my sweetest and oldest friends caught the prize. Molly and I have been friends since our early cheerleading days. Her boyfriend was there to witness the catch, so he better be prepping to put a ring on her finger soon! ((Fun fact: She also caught the bouquet at a wedding a few weeks after my wedding. If that's not a sign of a proposal coming soon, then I don't know what is!))
After the bouquet toss I headed over to the dance floor to meet my groom for the garter removal and toss. I wasn't sure Steven would be able to find that thing underneath by twenty layers of dress, but he managed just fine. 
After pulling the garter down my leg and swinging it around a few times, he finally turned around and launched it backwards into the crowd of single guys behind him. The winner of the garter was another dear friend of mine who I have known since elementary school. As you can tell by his dance below, he was very happy to come away with the garter... and maybe soon will be coming away with a wife?! 
  Venue || The Oaks Plantation
Flowers || Hot House Studio
Dress || Lazaro 
Photographer || Armosa Studios
Catering || Kathy G. & Company
Cakes || Gia's Cakes

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  1. Love the barn, so pretty!!!

    That is funny that she caught two different boutiques! If that isn't a sign, I don't know what is?!

  2. Your reception venue is gorgeous! Looks like such a fun day!

  3. How fun! We didn't do a garter or bouquet toss because all of our friends are married, but yours looks so fun!

  4. These pictures look amazing, so cute you were able to be above everyone when throwing the bouquet.

  5. What a gorgeous reception! The place your at is just so amazing and the pictures are just blast and perfect!

  6. these are so fun! your pictures of you on the balcony are gorgeous--you look like a princess!!

  7. OH i love the balcony! what fantastic pictures!!! this is truly stunning!

  8. Seriously, the balcony is spectacular! I am going to be so sad when you have no more wedding stuff to post... I love it!

  9. I love this! You look like a princess in the balcony pictures!!

  10. One word ADORABLE. Looks like you had a lovely wedding and a lovely time. Congratulations!


  11. So dang cute! You are absolutely gorgeous girl! xoxo

  12. oh my gosh this is like a fairytale

  13. Oh my goodness, so fun! That is awesome you were able to toss the bouquet from above - so much more dramatic and they got great photos!

    xx Kelly
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