Five Beach Bag Essentials


Today I am packing up and heading South for a weekend beach getaway with the husband and family. The trip won't be nearly long enough, but anytime we get to spend a couple of days at the beach we jump on the opportunity. Because our trip is so short I'm doing my very best not to over pack. I know I won't need much, but there are a few beach essentials that are necessary to pack, no matter how long or short your trip is. We may only have one full day on the beach, but these five items will most certainly be in my beach bag this weekend.
1. Oil Free Sunscreen - I have crazy sensitive skin, so it's important that any sunscreen I use, especially on my face, is oil free. Sunscreen used to irritate or breakout my skin so bad that I refused to wear any at all (I know, horrible!). Thankfully, I found that oil free sunscreen does wonders for my skin. You won't catch me at the beach or pool with anything other than oil free sunscreen. I like to keep SPF 15 on my body and at the very minimum SPF 30 on my face. My face has gotten far too much sun this summer already, so you best believe I will keep it covered in oil free sunscreen this weekend.

2. Sunglasses - You know what's the worst? The worst is when you are trying to people watch on the beach and you have to squint your eyes because the sun is too bright to see all the fascinating people. That's the worst. Sunglasses are a necessity on the beach... but not so much in the ocean. I've lost quite a few sunglasses over the years in the ocean. Do yourself a favor and leave them on your beach chair.

3. Durable Beach Bag - Chances are, you are going to be carrying around much more than these few items in your beach bag. Therefore, you definitely need something durable that will hold up to all that weight and not break your back while you attempt to make your way down the beach to your beach chair and umbrella. I snagged this Tory Burch tote a few years ago, and while I use it for many things, I use it during the summer as my beach bag. This bag is durable enough to carry all my junk all the while still being adorable. I also use my Tory Burch tote as a carry on when I travel, an overnight bag for the lake, and a suitcase for the dog's necessities when they tag along.

4. Beach Towel - Bonus points for said beach towel being monogrammed. I purchased my bridesmaids monogrammed beach towels to go with their bridesmaid gifts, and I wish that I had also ordered one for myself! The trick is, you need an extra large beach towel so that it covers most if not all of your beach chair. 

5. Magazine - Note that this can also be substituted for a good book, but often times I like to have both in my beach bag. I like to read my book first thing in the morning or late in the afternoons, but I usually stick to fun, gossip magazines during the day when the beach is most active. I spend a lot of my beach time people watching, so it's hard to get into a book when I have so many distractions surrounding me. 

Today I have the lovely Vivian from VivianStonexo here to introduce herself. Vivian is a bride to be, and I just love reliving the whole wedding planning process through her. Vivian recently showed off her engagement pictures, and they are simply stunning! I can't wait to see what this girl's wedding will look like.
Hi Believe in the Sparks readers! I am Vivian and I blog over at Vivianstonexo. I have been a faithful reader of Morgans and love to be on her sidebar whenever possible. Her wedding recap posts are a must read for me lately! Over on my blog you will notice that right now I write quite a bit about my upcoming wedding to my best friend. You will also see other lifestyle posts mixed with some beauty as well. I am currently 22 years old and live in California. I have a fur baby who pretty much should be considered my child, and I am working toward becoming a first grade teacher. Between school and work my free time is spent blogging, which I love! 
I hope y'all will stop by and follow along! 

Find more of Vivian here:

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  1. Have fun this weeekend! I will also take that Tory bag, thanks:)

  2. I love your list! Tory Burch always has the cutest totes!

  3. Yes, yes and yes to all of your beach picks! That TB tote is adorable!!!

  4. I love neutrogena sunscreen!! It's the only thing that doesn't make my skin break out!!

  5. love it and totally agree with a durable beach bag!

  6. Ohhh that bag is so fun!!!!! Sunglasses are a must for me every day in every weather. Darn sensitive eyes!!

    I am totally jelly of your beach trip! I hope you have a fabulous time!

  7. This is awesome! Thank you for sharing :)

  8. What a great roundup! We leave for the beach next week and I cannot wait!! :) Have fun!

  9. I am a huge fan of monogrammed towels! That reminds me that I need a new one with my married initials!

  10. That monogrammed beach towel is perfect! I need one.

  11. This post makes me want to be at the beach right now!

  12. I am just reading this since I was actually at the beach yesterday! I hope you have a great time!! I am in love with that Tory bag!

  13. Fine I'll take one of each. And now I want to go to the beach too.
    Hope you had a great time!

  14. Definitely must haves for being at the beach! Although I don't go anywhere without my sunglasses! Haha.

    Sunflowers & Love