A Countdown of Sorts {{Plus A Giveaway!}}


I don't know what it is about this time of year, but it seems like as soon as October rolls around the countdowns start coming on in full force. From counting down the days until cooler weather arrives to counting down the days until Christmas (56 days if you're wondering), countdowns are prevailing around here. I guess that's why when I saw this countdown the other day, I decided I would jump on the countdown wagon as well. Thanks for the inspiration, Erin!

Five Things That I'm Looking Forward To:

1 // Another weekend road trip. Like it should really surprise anyone that we are going out of town yet again this weekend. Steven and I are driving up to Gatlinburg on Friday to spend the weekend in the mountains with family. The weather is supposed to be cool (dare I even say cold?), and I couldn't be more excited about that! 

2 // Cooler weather. The mountains aren't the only place where the weather is getting cold. The lows in Alabama this weekend are supposed to dip into the 30s. It's finally beginning to feel like Fall!  

3 // Hair appointment. Nothing puts me in a good mood quite like a fresh haircut does. I'm loving my new short hair, but I can't believe how fast it's already growing out. I can't wait to get it chopped back off this evening!

4 // The Holidays. Ok, before you roll your eyes, I know we haven't even gotten through Halloween yet, but Christmas is just right around the corner. Steven and I have been making holiday plans, and it's gotten me so excited for our first holiday season as a married couple! 

5 // Daylight Savings Ending. I understand that I'm in the minority here, but I really like when Daylight Savings Time ends and I can wake up in the mornings to sunshine. Granted, I'm usually ready for bed around 7:00pm those first few days of early darkness, but it's all worth it to wake up in the morning to the sun already shining. I love working out in the mornings, but it's nearly impossible to get up and get out of the house when it's still pitch black outside. Hopefully once Daylight Savings ends this weekend I'll be more likely to jump back on the early morning workout train. 

Four Items On My Wish List:
1 //  Frye Boots. Why yes, I am aware that my boot obsession has gotten out of control. However, I still want these Frye boots. They have been on my wishlist for a couple of years now. Perhaps this is the year I will finally call them mine?

2 // Pottery Barn Bar Cart. This item will likely forever stay on my wish list. I've been looking endlessly for a bar cart/console for months now and haven't had any luck. This one is the perfect size and the exact look I'm going for. Unfortunately, it's not quite at all in the price range that I'm looking to spend. The search continues...

3 // Target Scarf. I saw this yesterday at Target, and I don't know why I didn't buy it then. It's so cozy and soft, and you can't beat the $16 price tag! Needless to say, I'm going to have to make another Target run to purchase this. After all, I need something to keep me warm in the mountains this weekend! 

4 // Cable Knit Sweater. Nothing looks cozier than this oversize cable knit. I could pair it with a pair of leggings and the boots and scarf above, and no doubt it would become my winter uniform. 

Three Current Obsessions:
1 // Sons of Anarchy. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that a girly girl like me would get so hooked on a show like SOA. The obsession started one Sunday morning when flipping through Netflix. Steven told me he had heard good things about the show and wanted to see what it was all about. I agreed to sit through one episode with him. Before we knew it we had spent two months binge watching five seasons and then bought the sixth season on DVD because we couldn't stand to wait for it to come out on Netflix. Now three months after starting the binge, we are all caught up and waiting impatiently for Tuesday nights to roll around so we can see how this whole thing is going to end.

2 // Le Tote. Have you heard of this subscription box? I'm planning to do a whole post on this soon, but Le Tote is basically Netflix for clothing. They send you a box of clothes and accessories, you wear the clothes as much as you want, and then you send them back and they send you a whole new box of clothes! You can even choose to purchase the clothes they send you at a discounted price. It's such a great concept!

3 // Pumpkin. Judge me all you want for this cliche, but I'm obsessed with all things pumpkin this year. I used to hate the smell and taste of pumpkin, but for whatever reason that all changed this season. Now I'm finding myself stocking up on pumpkin candles, purchasing as many pumpkins that I can fit onto my porch, and don't even get me started on the PSL. The addiction is real. 

Two Things That I Need To Get Done:

1 // Decorating the laundry room/mud room. This has been on my to-do list since we moved into our house over a year ago. We don't have a true laundry room, so the washer and dryer share the same space as the mudroom that opens up into our back yard, and it also houses Kane's very large crate. There isn't a ton of room to decorate that little space, but I know a new coat of paint, a few pictures, and a rug would make all the difference. That room will be done by Christmas, hold me to it.

2 // Spring Fall Cleaning. I'm what one would call the opposite of a hoarder. Basically if I haven't seen or used something in six months or so, it's gone. I hate clutter, so the more things I can get rid of the better. Lately I've been feeling really overwhelmed by the amount of clutter we've accumulated. It looks like a day of purging is in our immediate future. 

One Giveaway:

1 // Tory Burch Giveaway. I've teamed up with a wonderful group of ladies to bring one lucky reader a pair of Tory Burch flats! What an awesome giveaway, right?! The weather is getting cooler outside, so it's the perfect time of year to snatch up a pair of these fabulous flats. Enter using the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win. Good luck!

Tory Burch Flats Giveaway

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  1. Ah, your first holiday married is seriously so amazing!

  2. yay for being married for the holidays!! I just bought that scarf last week, for some reason it rang up for $12! I'm 100% sure there wasn't a sale but I'm not complaining haha

  3. I'm just as excited for the holidays & I have been in search of a bar cart too . . . . gosh those things are hard to find when you have a specific look in mind!

  4. I started listening to Christmas music this morning. It was all dreary and rainy and it felt like winter. Soooo yeah. There's that. I LOVE those boots and scarf!!! And ummm I need to decorate my entire house still, so call yourself ahead!

  5. Ahh I love this countdown! I too am obsessed with Jax Teller and SOA, never thought I would like it, but I loveee it!! Love those boots so much!

  6. That Target scarf... I think I need it.. LOVE! Super excited for the upcoming holiday season, enjoy your first married holiday season :-D

  7. I have the Melissa Button Frye boots and they're by far my favorite boots! I have them in black, but I would really love to get them in brown, too.

  8. What a fun trip you have planned this weekend! We love going up there. :) And Sons of Anarchy - I never thought I would even be interested, but we're obsessed! We just found season 6 on Netflix on Monday and we've watched two episodes a night. It's an out of control obsession. ;)

  9. This post is absolutely beautiful