Goalposts Don't Belong Off The Football Field


Do you know what really sucks? 

It really sucks when you football team loses. 

It sucks even worse when you are at the football game watching your beloved Crimson Tide crumble and fall right before your eyes. 

It sucks bad.

But, other than that little (huge) set back Saturday evening, our weekend in Oxford was pretty fun. Steven and I headed over to Mississippi after work on Friday and met up with my parents and several friends. We spent Friday night in downtown Oxford with the entire population of the state of not only Mississippi but also Alabama. Seriously, that place was packed tight.

Saturday morning we woke bright and early to College Gameday on tv. We poured mimosas, put on our lucky under garments, pinned on our lucky buttons and headed over to the Grove to listen to Katy Perry perform on stage while tailgating with 200,000 of our closest friends and rivals. It was set up to be the perfect day...
After tailgating all morning, my mom and I left the boys in the Grove and we headed into the stadium to watch (what was supposed to be) an awesome game. We were in a sea of rebels. Literally. There wasn't even one other Alabama fan in our section. I tried to cheer on my boys the best I could, but in the end I was left trying to escape the stadium as fast as I possibly could while everyone else around me was hightailing it to the field. 
It's obvious how this kid felt about Alabama. Those two fingers got quite the exercise Saturday afternoon. 
I spent the rest of Saturday drinking away my sorrows while watching the entire student body carry two goalposts through the Grove. 

They do know that they need those things to stay on the field if they want to play anymore football this season, right?
Oh, did I mention that I volunteered to go back to this town in just a mere two weeks to see Ole Miss take on Tennessee? I was planning to cheer on the rebels for that game, but now I just may have to wear traffic cone orange like my husband will be doing. Better yet, maybe I'll just stick to wearing all black. After all, chances are I'll likely still be in mourning from this weekend's brutal letdown.
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  1. I have to say... One of my most favorite memories from a football game was the year GT beat VT in the last 5 seconds on a fumble. The crowed rushed the field and my husband looked at me and said "grab you sh*t, we're going!" I was 5 months pregnant :) We stayed on the fringes of the crowd, but watching those goal posts come down was amazing! We then followed it to the presidents lawn where we waited for a piece to be cut off. It was starting to get late and I was getting cranky, so we left. The school had the posts replaced by the next game and had the ones that get lowered when the game is over put in.

  2. You poor thing! :( I saw on tv how the students were taking down the goalposts.. all I could think was those boys must be so drunk!

  3. KATY PERRY!! Jealous on that one! I know how it feels about your team loosing though, the Ravens did not have it together this week. So upsetting :(

  4. Admittedly I am not a huge football fan, but I absolutely love how cute everyone looks for the game!

  5. Ok I gotta know...because your feet aren't in a single picture...did you wear the red boots??

  6. Ugh girl I was thinking about you when I saw this game and totally know how you feel after our terrible Oregon loss on Thursday night! Totally sucks :(

  7. loved being on the grove with y'all! daryl sure felt your pain. looking forward to ole miss-tenn!!!

  8. Saturday was a sad sad day my friend :(

  9. Hotty Toddy! I don't think I'll ever get over the fact that I wasn't there to experience it. I watched the game at work and almost started to cry when we won; it was seriously so emotional. Don't worry though, give it a couple of weeks and nobody will be undefeated and Alabama will be back ranked higher than us.

  10. Oh my! I can't believe we didn't see each other! What a game! I'm so happy my REBS won but I SO well know that let down feeling! The goal post crack me up! :)

  11. ugh saturday was a rough football day. Ole Miss doesn't know how to act. I can't with them.

  12. Ahhh, you were in my old stompin grounds!