Last Lake Trip Of The Summer


A few weeks ago Steven and I packed up the car and headed down the lake where we met up with our best friends and the cutest baby there ever was. The boys entered into a fishing tournament on Saturday, so we figured we would make a full weekend out of it and enjoy the last bit of summer like weather for the year. 
In Alabama, the water is still plenty warm enough in mid/late September to not only play around on the boat, but also float around in the water. We didn't do much boating on Saturday because the boys were fishing all day, but we did wake up bright and early Sunday morning ready to head outdoors and play on the lake. 
We spent most of the day cruising around on the pontoon boat listening to music and laughing together. We did make a pit stop at the rope swing so the boys could be boys by swinging off into the water. 
Baby Liam loved spending the day on the water. We were lucky that the weather cooperated for us. It wasn't too hot outside, and there was a nice, steady breeze throughout the day. It was a beautiful day! Little man even enjoyed a long afternoon nap in the comfort of his Godmother's arms. I love this sweet baby! 
And in true #wifeyfail form, I forgot my camera at the tournament weigh in, and therefore didn't get one single picture of the husbands doing their thing. If it's any consolidation, they did a heck of a job and ended up coming in third place. 

I promise to never forget my camera ever again, honey.

As excited as I am for Fall and cooler weather, I will miss spending our weekends on the boat. There is nothing more peaceful than spending the day cruising around the lake on a pontoon boat. Then again, there isn't anything quite as exciting as spending a fall Saturday tailgating on campus and cheering on your team. 
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  2. That is an adorable little man. I feel the same way about fall. I live in Florida so we get an extended amount of time as well to enjoy the outdoors but it's always sad when it starts getting too cold to go to the beach.


  3. LOVE your blog name :)


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  5. The pictures of the little one are absolutely precious, look like fun was definitely had.


  6. This looks like such a fun weekend . . . and that baby is adorable! I wish we lived closer and could meet up for weekends on the lake!