Betcha Didn't Know


Betcha didn't know.... my favorite holiday is St. Patrick's Day. I found out a few years ago that I am part Irish, a role I take very seriously. Also, I really like the idea of green beer.

Betcha didn't know.... my dream job growing up was to become a sideline reporter (second only to becoming a mother, of course). I had my sight set on becoming the next Erin Andrews. 

Betcha didn't know.... I am only superstitious when it comes to sports. I'll open an umbrella in the house or walk underneath a ladder any day of the week, but I have to have to wear lucky button every gameday and Cooper has to have his Alabama jersey on too. He hates wearing clothes of any kind, but it's a sacrifice he's willing to make for Alabama football.

Betcha didn't know.... I hate birds. I really, really hate birds.

Betcha didn't know.... I minored in Political Science in college. I love politics, and I have very strong views when it comes to social policies. I don't express many political opinions on the blog, but maybe I should start. Let's just say, most of my opinions are of the minority here in good ole' Alabama. {{I majored in Communication, in case you were wondering}}

Betcha didn't know.... I'm not a picky eater. There are very few foods that I don't like. Mayonnaise, however, makes me want to vomit. I can't even stand the thought of it.

Betcha didn't know.... I'm left handed. I also have really unusual handwriting. Some people tell me that it looks like a font, other people (hi, mom!) tell me that it's just really hard to read. Regardless, I'm constantly getting comments on it from friends and strangers alike.

Betcha didn't know.... I am an extreme germophobe. I won't even take a drink after my own family, and I hold my breath when people walk to close to me in the grocery store. I'm ridiculous, but like everything else on this list, it's just part of who I am.


Today I have the adorable Krista from Kristie's Blue Jeans here to introduce herself and tell you a little about her blog. Take it away, Krista!

Hello! I'm a twenty something girl from a mountain town in Southern California.  I started blogging as a creative outlet for all of the random musings and hilarity that is my life.  I love writing about my adventures, recipes, day to day and being the best auntie to my little munchkins.  I am still not sure about the whole settling down thing just yet.  

When and why did you start blogging?
I started blogging about five years ago (prior to lifestyle blogging really taking off) and it was really hard for me to stay with it.  In 2013, I decided to buckle down and commit to lifestyle blogging.  I have loved every moment of it, from the successes to the heartaches.

How did you come up with the name of your blog?
My name came about as my name is Krista Jean and I have a friend who thought it would really irk me to call me Kristie Blue Jeans and of course I totally fell in love with it.  Especially after I started to destruct and make myself custom worn-in jeans and was offered an opportunity (which I never took) to make side money with them and thought I could call them "Kristie's Blue Jeans." Once I started blogging it was a no-brainer to give my blog the name I had given to my specialty jeans.

What can people expect when they visit your blog?
I really focus on the random yet relatable musings of everyday life.  I can post about anything from outfit ideas to recipes to travel experiences to heartache and love.  I really want my readers to see a multifaceted lady who isn’t perfect and doesn’t pretend to be.

If you could have three wishes, what would they be?
I would wish for one more conversation with my aunt who passed away earlier in the year.  

To have enough money to go three new places every year.
To work part time for my full time salary and benefits.

What is your favorite quote?
“ I love her and that is the beginning and end of everything.” F. Scott Fitzgerald 
or Walt Whitman’s, “We were together. I forget the rest.”

Find more of Krista here:

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  1. I majored in Communication Studies and wanted to become the next Erin Andrews, too! How fun!

    Love this post idea.

  2. I found myself saying, "Me too!" more than a few times while reading this! Birds and mayo, ew and ew. I too was supposed to be the next Erin Andrews! Political season is the most wonderful time of year...after the Super Bowl, of course. Oh, and I'm an Irish gal as well! Haha. I loved reading this and getting to know you better as a person! Happy Monday, Morgan!

  3. Erin Andrews! Love it! I love birds cartoon birds (I just like bird type figures, pictures, etc) but actual birds themselves sometimes freak me out. My aunt, however, is TERRIFIED!

  4. haha my mom tells me that my hand writing is absolutely horrible- I agree with her. She actually made me resign a cover letter once for a job application because she said it was too messy!!

  5. this is such a fun post! i died laughing at the holding your breath in grocery judgement ;) happy monday!

  6. I think you would have made a great Erin Andrews!!! I hate birds and mayonnaise too!

    And for the sake of Alabama football, I am glad you don't take superstitions there lightly!

  7. Awww, I wanted to be a sideline reporter too! I was always like I KNOW more than Erin Andrews, why can't I do that?!? I'm going to make you write something next time we hang out. :)

  8. You would make such a good sideline reporter! I honestly thought, hey she'd be good at that! It's not too late ;). I hate birds too! My mom always says it's weird but everything about them annoys me.

  9. I hate mayonnaise too! I think it is so disgusting. St. Paddy's day is one of the best!

  10. I am so superstitious about everything not only sports.

  11. Love the idea for this post. I am with you on the first three. I found out about 10 years ago that I was Irish, I still want to be a side-line reporter (although I put that aside to hopefully make my dream of being an event planner take over) and I will do every superstition in the book until it comes to messing with the Ravens. I will wear the same jersey until we win, and even sit in the same seat while watching the game ;)

  12. Mayo should be banned from the face of the earth. Whenever I see people slather it all over their food I almost lose my appetite. There are no redeeming qualities to it.

  13. I absolutely hate pigeons and St. Patrick's Day really is a great holiday!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  14. I love getting to know bloggers more. My SIL is left handed and has super slanted writing that no one can read. Luckily she's been around long enough that we're used to it now.

  15. I'm a complete germophobe too! I do the same thing if people walk too close, or cough or sneeze near me! too funny! loved reading these!

    Lisa @ Showered With Design

  16. i get teased so bad for my handwriting and mayonisse is SO GROSS!!