Bumpdate || Week 12


Hiiii Baby!!

How far along: 12 weeks

Due Date: November 7, 2015

Baby is the size of: A large plum! Between 2.1 and 2.5 inches from crown to rump and weighing about 0.5 ounces.

Symptoms: Not much to report this week. I've been so blessed with an easy pregnancy thus far. My energy seems to be returning during the day, but I still find myself incredibly tired by eight or so at night. I've also started to feel some pulling in my lower abdomen, which my doctor informed me was round ligament pain. Heartburn comes and goes throughout the day, but luckily it's not too bad. 

Gender: We go in for an early gender scan on May 28th (!!) and will find out with friends and family the following weekend! I can't wait!! I know I said that I've been going back and forth on my prediction, but I'm started to lean more towards girl this week. We'll see if that changes again before the gender reveal.

Name: We're waiting until after we find out the gender to reveal the name.

Movement: Still too early. My mom told me that she felt both my brother and I really early during pregnancy, so I'm hoping that I'll get lucky and start feeling fetal movement early as well. From what my mom and I have talked about, my pregnancy seems to be going very similar to hers when she was pregnant with me. 

Nursery: I'm ready to get the man cave cleared out and start progress on the nursery! 

Maternity Clothes: Well it's official, I can no longer button any of my regular jeans and pants. Thankfully the weather is warming up, so I've been sticking to dresses as of late. I've also been popping over to pink blush's website frequently to check in on their sales. I've been ordering a few things here and their when I catch a good one. In fact, I just got a couple of dresses and a top delivered yesterday. They are perfect for summer!

Sleep: No complaints here - I'm still loving my bumpnest pillow! 

Best moment this week: Spending the weekend at the lake with good friends. We had such a fun and relaxing weekend. It definitely put me in the mood for summer! {{weekend recap post here}}

Missing anything: A fruity cocktail would have been nice to sip on this weekend at the lake, but I was pretty content with my strawberry lime "mocktail."

Cravings/Aversions: Over the weekend I got a major craving for strawberry milk. This was something my granddaddy used to make me when I was growing up. I haven't had it in yearsssssss. In fact, I wasn't even sure if they still made strawberry milk mix! As soon as we got back from the lake I hightailed it to Target to see if I could find some. Sure enough, they did and the packaging is exactly the same as it was when I was a kid. I poured a big glass last night and thought of my sweet granddaddy the whole time I drank it. It was delicious! 

Mood: Happy as can be! I'm also noticing that my emotional side is coming out in full force. That Bruce Jenner interview? I cried all the way through it. Basically any animal or child video on Facebook? They make me cry too. I literally cry at the drop of a hat these days.

Looking forward to: May is going to be a busy, busy month for Steven and I! We have something planned every weekend for the next several weeks. I'm looking forward to lots of family time and fun events coming up!

Husband is: Noticing the bump more and more every day (as am I! Baby is definitely popping out). He comments on my growing bump daily, and I just love when he comes up puts his hand on my belly. 

New mommy question: Does anyone have any experience with the Halo bassinet? I know it's still early, but Steven and I have been talking about sleeping arrangements once the baby gets here, and through all my research, I am thinking this may be our best option. I would love to co-sleep (judge me if you must), but with two dogs that sleep with us, I know that just isn't realistic. If you don't have any experience with the Halo bassinet, do you have any other suggestions for keeping baby as close to the bed as possible at night?
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  1. You look so cute! :) As for the crying, just wait until you hit the third trimester...it gets so much worse!

  2. Yay 12 weeks!!! I can't wait to find out what you're having -- I'm sticking with boy though. I'm stubborn like that. You look beautiful as always! I also find if I put a fancy straw in my mocktail, it makes me feel better. :)

  3. So exciting! I can't believe you're already 12 weeks along - time flies! Looks like you guys had a fabulous lake weekend, and I hope you're able to relax some in May, even with your busy schedules. So glad your energy is returning, though!

  4. You are so stinkin cute!!! I can't wait to find out what you're having!!

  5. You are adorable!! So happy for you pretty lady! Can't wait to see what you are having!!

  6. You're looking adorable! I'm so glad your pregnancy has been going so well so far! I am looking at sleeping options too so I'll be interested to see if anyone has some good advice!

  7. Looking great! Wohoo one month until you find out the gender! I can't wait. Maybe look into the arm's reach co sleeper. It's a separate but also connected to your side of the bed.

  8. You look just beautiful!!! I think you are the first person I have ever seen crave strawberry milk, that is so cute. You are going to have to make it for Baby Sparks and share your memories of your grandfather.

  9. Praise the Lord for an easy pregnancy! :) That round ligament pain is no joke though! It'll freak you out from time to time!

  10. you are seriously glowing. I can't wait until you find out the gender and start registering for things! Strawberry milk is the best, I may need to go get some tonight ;)

  11. YAY! Looking forward to reading about the gender reveal, it's going to sneak up so quickly on you!

  12. yayyy baby! seriously so exciting! I love reading peoples bumpdates :) only a couple more weeks till you find out if baby is a Mr or Miss!

    Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  13. We find out boy or girl tomorrow and I'm so nervous!! I want a healthy baby first and foremost, but I want a girl badly. I'm so afraid of feeling disappointed if it's a boy because I don't want to feel like that when I know I should just be grateful for having a baby in the first place. Love the updates. Still sounds like we're experiencing similar pregnancies!

  14. Oh and where was pink blush when I was googling plus size maternity clothes for hours?! I just got some cute stuff from Jcpenney's and have enough of a wardrobe I don't need anything else, but the pink blush stuff is too cute!

  15. So happy for you Morgan, you look so so happy!

  16. Hello baby precious little baby bump! Thank goodness for warmer weather and lots of fun dresses! You're looking beautiful as always!

  17. How funny to have a strawberry milk craving! I have craved chocolate milk a lot throughout my pregnancy. You are looking so beautiful, mama!