Bumpdate || Week 13


How far along: 13 weeks

Due Date: November 7, 2015

Baby is the size of: A peach! About 3.0 inches (actually it was confirmed at our ultrasound on Monday that baby is measuring exactly 3 inches) from crown to rump and weighing in around 0.81 ounces.

Symptoms: Heartburn here and there and round ligament pain. 

Gender: We have the gender ultrasound scheduled for May 28th, and we'll find out the gender with family and friends the following evening at a gender reveal BBQ. I seriously can't wait!! 

Name: We're waiting until after we find out the gender to reveal the name.

But let me just say, I am frustrated with the name William and Kate decided on for their sweet baby girl. Although it's not the same name we have chosen if baby Sparks is a girl, it's pretty darn similar. I really hope our baby doesn't go through life thinking we named her after a princess! Regardless, Steven and I both adore the name we picked out, and we aren't planning to change it just because William and Kate picked something (very) similar. 

Movement: Waiting (im)patiently to feel movement. I'm hoping I'll feel something in the coming weeks!

Nursery: Nothing yet, but I want to start getting the room cleared out and painted in the next month or so. 

Maternity Clothes: I'm still wearing mostly regular clothes with a few maternity pieces mixed in here and there. Thank goodness for warm weather and flowy dresses!

Sleep: I had a couple of rough nights last week, but for the most part I'm still sleeping great. I'm soaking it all in while I still can!

Best moment this week: Seeing our sweet baby on Monday with a surprise ultrasound! I went to the doctor thinking I was just getting a blood draw, and to my surprise I was actually scheduled for an ultrasound. I called Steven (who thankfully works five minutes from the doctor's office) and told him to hurry over. We haven't seen our baby since week 6, so it was amazing to see all the changes! 

Baby was very, very stubborn! The tech needed specific measurements, and baby Sparks was having nothing to do with it! We saw arms and legs kicking like crazy, but baby wouldn't turn over into the right position. Thirty minutes later, we finally took a break. I was able to walk around and get some caffeine in my system before trying again. Luckily, baby finally cooperated long enough to get most of the measurements. I didn't mind the extended time. I could stare at that sweet baby all day long. Hurry up November!! 

Missing anything: Not a thing!

Cravings/Aversions: I'm still on my strawberry milk kick and really just loving milk in general. I go through a gallon by myself in a matter of days. I can't get enough!

Also, this isn't really an aversion, but I'm noticing that I'm eating a larger portion of food during the day for lunch and hardly anything for dinner at night. I'll do good to eat half my plate for dinner. I'm finding that I get full really, really fast especially at night.

Mood: Beyond grateful. What a blessing it is to have this sweet baby growing in my belly! It's amazing the love I have already for our child.

Looking forward to: Spending the upcoming weekend in Oxford and watching the little brother graduate from Ole Miss.

Husband is: The best! I can't wait to see him transition into a daddy.

New mommy question: Nothing new this week, but I'm so thankful to everyone for helping a new mama out and answering these questions every week!
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  1. Looking beautiful as always!!! The movements have been the craziest feeling so far for me --- so I hope you get to feel them soon. :) Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow for some BBQ!!! :)

  2. So sweet! And LOVE your cardigan!

  3. Eek your gender reveal is getting so close! And don't feel bad, I had a major attitude meltdown when the princess' name was announced. I'm just going to get my Charlotte a onesie that says "I was Charlotte 1st" haha!

  4. The bump is growing!!! How fun that you got to see a your baby again! May 28 will be here very soon. Also, I hear ya on the new princess's name...Charlotte was in our top 2 names for baby girls, and if we had a girl I"m sure people would ask (for the first few years at least), "Oh, like the princess!"

  5. Yay for a little baby bump! You'll love love love growing this little peanut! Pregnancy is hard, but it's so worth it :)

  6. Look at the pretty mommy :) When I heard the royal baby name, I instantly thought about you. Rude! You had the name picked out before all that, so that is all that counts. May 28th is going to be here before you know it. Time is flying! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

  7. I can't wait for you to find out what you're having! And I was totally the same way with my eating habits around that same time. I'd eat a decent lunch and then be barely hungry for dinner! I'm just now starting to notice my appetite coming back, but now there's less room so I'm still eating less than I was before I got pregnant :)

  8. I can't wait to hear the names you have picked out. I hope no matter the gender, you reveal both names ;)

  9. Wow!! Three whole inches! So amazing isn't it!! Your gender scan will be here before you know it!! I think pink!!

  10. Lovin that sweet belly! I can't wait to find out what you're having! Hurry up end of May! :)

  11. I wasn't sure at first, but I felt my first movement around 15 weeks. I didn't feel many for a while until around 18 weeks, and now I feel them pretty consistently especially at night. It's so hard to tell if it's baby or gas haha, but once you know what it is, you can definitely tell the difference. And the getting full quickly! My gosh, I've always been a slow eater, but now I eat like 1/4th of my meal and I'm stuffed so I have to eat super slow in order to eat enough to where I'm not hungry again soon after. Still loving the updates!