Let's Play A Game


I've seen this post floating around for a little while now, so when Libby tagged me in I decided it was time to take my turn and participate. Cheers to the number four!
Four names people call me:
- Moe 
- Morgz
- MoeMoe {{My dad's nickname for me}}
- Mama {{The dogs call me this. Or at least they know me by this name, and soon enough a little human will also call me by this name!}}

Four jobs I've had:
- Director of Marketing & Communication
- Marketing Assistant
- Nanny
- Lifeguard

Four things in my bag:
- A breakfast bar of some sort 
- 500 different shades of lipsticks and lip-glosses
- My Plum Paper day planner
- A phone charger {{Because you just never know when you may need it}}

Four movies I would/have watched more than once: 
- ELF {{All time favorite Christmas movie and the movie we watched the night Steven proposed}}
- Legally Blonde {{I know all the lines}}
- Breakfast at Tiffany's {{Tied for my favorite movie ever}}
- Where the Heart Is {{Also tied for my favorite movie}}

Four places I've lived:
- Florence, Alabama {{From the time I was born until I was 7 years old}}
- Birmingham, Alabama {{From childhood through high school and also where we live now}}
- Tuscaloosa, Alabama {{For the four years I attended college at the University of Alabama}}
- New York, New York {{For a six month internship when I was 21}}

Four places I've visited:
- Montego Bay, Jamaica {{Honeymoon}}
- Maui, Hawaii {{Family trip years ago}}
- Cozumel, Mexico {{twice, on two separate cruises}}
- Key West, Florida {{For my brother's 21st birthday a couple of years ago}}

Four places I'd rather be right now:
- New York City {{No explanation needed. This is my all time most favorite place in the world}}
- The Gulf Coast {{There is nothing like the beaches on the gulf coast!}}
- Maui {{My parents just got back from vacationing there, and I am incredibly jealous!}}
- Home in bed {{Lets be honest here. This sounds pretty spectacular right about now.}}

Four favorite foods:
- Mexican
- Pizza
- Ice Cream
- Pasta with Bread

Four TV shows I watch:
- Modern Family
- 19 Kids And Counting {{no judging!}}
- Nashville
- Revenge 

Four things I'm looking forward to this year:
- Baby Sparks joining our family in November! 
- Spending the holidays as a family of three for the first time
- Our babymoon this summer {{we're planning a low key trip to the beach}}
- Finding out baby's gender and preparing for his/her arrival

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  1. I can also recite all the lines from Legally Blonde & Elf! Two of my favorites!

  2. I LOVE mexican food and was also a nanny!

  3. I just watched Legally Blonde this weekend, it just makes me so happy!

  4. Morgan! Come visit me on the Gulf Coast! :)

  5. I would love to go visit Maui as well! Palm trees, beautiful weather, cool water... I need to go there!

  6. haha- I did a very similar post with a very similar wedding dancing picture at the beginning! Great minds thinks alike :)

    And when I talk to Lucy, I most definitely refer to myself as mom. Dogs obviously understand that, right??

    And Jamaica...sigh. I just want to go back.

  7. I have to keep my phone charger with me at ALL times too, ugh!

  8. Sooooo let's just skip work today and head to the gulf!!!!! I love all four movies you listed, and Where the Heart Is is seriously one of my all time favorites!!! The others are all awesome too, though! Hope you have fun this weekend!

  9. Love love love Nashville!! And Mexican good, and ice cream....and beaches! Lol clearly all of it!

  10. Haha. I've got this post planned for next week!! haha. So jealous you lived in New York for a while. That's on my bucket list, but I might have to crash with someone because I'm not paying for an apartment there.

  11. Where The Heart is, oh my, I totally forgot about that movie! Mexican food is the best, I just told Dave that according to our "wedding is almost here meal plan, gotta get fit", Chipotle is on the menu...total lie, but I need it. Happy Friday!!

  12. I held many of the same jobs as you, Lifeguard, Nanny, and Director of Marketing :) Agree with all the movies and TV shows too (except I've never watch the Duggars, but no judging, I love Teen Mom haha). I like these posts, I should get around to doing one.

  13. We were just destined to be friends I swear! I agree with so many of your answers!!!