Irresistible Me Hair Extensions


When Steven and I got engaged I decided that I wanted to grow my hair out for our wedding. I spent our entire sixteen month engagement growing and growing my hair until it was the longest it had been in many years. A couple of months after the wedding I decided I was done with long hair and chopped ten inches of hard work right off. I've regretted that decision ever since. 

Since the big chop of 2014 I've started growing my hair back out. Every six months or so, however, I get the itch to cut it and against my better judgement I always ask my stylist to "trim it up along the edges" and end up with 2-3 inches cut off. Due to this never ending cycle, my hair still isn't as long as it was the day of my wedding. 

When Irresistible Me contacted me to try out their hair extensions, I jumped all over the opportunity. Finally I would get the long hair that I've been dreaming of! The Irresistible Me extensions are made from royal remy hair, so they can easily and safely be cut, washed, blown dry, straightened, and curled. They feel and look exactly like real hair because they are made from real hair. I was able to quickly clip them in my hair and style as I would normally style my hair.  
The most difficult part of the process for me was deciding on the color. Because my hair is highlighted, I wasn't sure whether to go with a lighter color to match the highlights or a darker color to match the roots. I ended up going with the Ash Blonde, and it was the perfect match. You can also decide on the length of extensions and weight (thickness) that best suits you. I ordered the 20 inch style, but after seeing them on I would probably go with a shorter style. I think 20 inches is too long for me, personally, and a shorter length may look more natural. 

Overall I absolutely love my extensions! I usually wear them one of two ways, I will clip them in and curl my hair or I will clip them in and pull it into a long braid as I did in these pictures. My natural hair is still a bit too short to braid, so the extensions give me the braid I've always dreamed of! 

Everything from the ordering process to clipping the hair in is incredibly seamless and easy. If you're looking for a quick way to get the long hair you've been dreaming of, I highly recommend trying out Irresistible Me. And if you notice my hair looking quite a bit longer than usual, now you know my secret! 
 photo morgansignature_zpsc3f5971d.png


  1. They look great. I've heard great things and ever since surgery my hair thickness and length has suffered. Maybe extensions are the way to go!

  2. When I cut my hair short, I always wondered if it would be wise to get hair extensions. My concern would be the color as well though since my hair is highlighted. Yours look great though!


  3. I also regret cutting my hair after our wedding, I am slowly growing it out now, but it is taking forever! I will have to look into these.

  4. You look so beautiful! And I loveee that you can curl them. I have some extensions but they cannot be styled. Sad day!

  5. Thanks for the recommendation!! I totally need to try those.