Charlie Beth || 5 Months


I know I sound like a broken record these days, but I just can't believe that you are already five months old! It doesn't seem possible! 

You didn't have a doctor appointment this month so I'm not sure of your exact stats, but I'm guessing you are about 17 lbs now. You are wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes and are still in size two diapers. You are such a tall baby girl! You get all that height from your daddy.
You are an absolute joy to be around! You have the most adorable open mouth smile, and I just melt every time you flash that big gummy grin. You're still very much a mama's girl, and you don't let me get far out of your sight. 
Sleep is hit or miss these days. We just started using your crib for naps, and that has been a pretty big adjustment for you. You will usually take your first nap of the day in your crib, but you prefer your other naps in your carseat while we are out running errands, in your swing, or in mommy's arms. I know I should put you down when you fall asleep on me, but I love the snuggles! You are still sleeping in your Rock N Play at night, but I know your nights in there are limited as you are quickly outgrowing it. It's going to be hard to transition you out of it, and I am not looking forward to it. You sleep so well at night, most nights sleeping until 4:00am or later! 
You are rolling over like crazy these days! I can hardly keep you on your back before you flip yourself over to your belly. However, you absolutely despise being on your stomach and start screaming and crying to moment your belly hits the ground. You get yourself so worked up that you don't even realize that you can flip yourself back over to your back. 
You are learning new tricks too! The day you turned five months old you sat up all by yourself! I propped you up on your chair to take your monthly picture, and you pulled yourself right up. You gave me a big smile like you knew exactly what you had just accomplished. I'm so happy I caught that moment on camera. 
I've sworn up and down for the past couple of months that you would start teething any day now, but so far nothing has popped through. I'm starting to think you'll actually be a late teether. Mommy is definitely ok with that! 
We have started you on solids and you love them! Your favorite food is by far banana. I started giving you bananas by mushing them up, but you started going for it whole, so now I hand it over to you and let you gum at the full banana. You've also experimented with sweet potato, avocado, squash, and pears. Your only eating solids once a day and still nursing at least every three hours. We'll start feeding you more solids after you turn 6 months. For now we are just experimenting with textures and flavors. 
This month we weaned you completely off of your acid reflux medicine. I was so worried that I was taking you off the medicine too soon and you would be in pain, but it seems that you have completely outgrown your reflux, 
This month you celebrated your first Easter! We celebrated the holiday with your Nana, Pawpaw, and Uncle Brady at the lake and then drove back to Birmingham to celebrate with your YaYa, Grandpa, and Aunt Morgan. You received three Easter baskets, and you were so interested in seeing what was in each basket. You wore the same dress that I wore on my first Easter 26 years ago, and you looked absolutely adorable in it! 
You also got lots of lake time in this month! You went out on the pontoon boat a few times, and you absolutely love it! You are so happy when you are on the water (just like your mommy!). You also love sitting out on the back porch at your Nana and Pawpaw's lake house. I can't wait to get you in the water this summer. You are definitely a lake girl! 
Some of your favorite things this month include: being outside, reading bedtime stories with daddy, napping anywhere other than your crib, bananas, and standing in your walker. Your least favorite things include: your crib, strangers talking to you, and letting mommy eat dinner. :)
You are growing so very fast, baby girl! We are cherishing this time with you and loving watching you grow and learn. Mommy and Daddy are so blessed to be your parents. We love you so much, Charlie Beth!

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  1. She is a doll baby!!!!
    Chelsea @

  2. We have the same easter pic as yall. She is just too cute! And where did you buy that beautiful white outfit with the darling hat?!