Charlie Beth || 7 Months


Considering the fact that you turn 8 months on Monday, this is without a doubt my latest update so far. It's been a busy month! Although I'm a month late, I still want to document this special time, and hopefully I'll get back on track with our monthly updates.
Seven months?! How is it even possible? You have gone from a tiny newborn infant to a baby full of personality. Your have the most contagious smile, the most delicious chunky thighs, and the cutest little dimple that I have ever seen. 
We didn't have a doctor's appointment this month, so I'm not certain on your stats. I would guess you are about 19lbs. You are wearing 9-12 month clothes and size 3 diapers. You are such a tall baby. A lot of people talk about how you get your height from your daddy, but mommy was a really tall baby too. Obviously that didn't last (I'm only 5'3"), so who knows how tall you will end up! 
Some days it looks like your hair is really starting to come in, but other days you still look as bald as ever. I'm still convinced when that hair finally comes in it's going to be as curly as can be. That's what I'm hoping at least! 
You broke your very first tooth through this month! Your bottom right tooth was the first to come through followed by your bottom left one not too long after. You've used those new teeth of yours to bite mommy a couple of times while nursing, but thankfully it hasn't happened too often. Ouch! 
This month was a busy one for your development. You learned how to pull yourself up on the side of your crib. You are now trying to pull up on anything and everything. You LOVE to stand up, and we're certain you're going to be an early walker. We thought you might even skip crawling all together, but you are starting to show signs of learning how to crawl.
You're now taking "big girl" baths in the bathtub instead of the sink. You love your little yellow duck bathtub that I put inside of our big bathtub. I fill it up with water and let you splash around and play with toys while I attempt to bathe you off. 
You're exploring new foods and learning what you like and don't like. You're really not a huge fan of solids so far. You would much rather nurse, which is fine by me. You're getting all the nutrients you need right now through my milk. We will continue to explore new foods with you, but we'll follow your lead on how often and how much solids you want to eat. Mommy is making the majority of your baby food right now, and I love knowing exactly what foods are going into your little body. 
Let's talk about sleep. We thought we may be taking a turn in the sleep department, but it didn't last. You still despise sleeping alone as much as ever. I try to get you to take at least one nap a day in your crib or pack n play. Some days are more successful than others. You prefer to nap in your baby swing or on mommy's chest. I also try to lay you down in your pack n play in our room at night. Some nights you'll sleep for a couple of hours in there, but some nights you fight and fight until I give in. You are pretty much sleeping in the bed with me 100% of the time at night. We're hoping we can break this habit when we move into our new home. We'll see... 
We celebrated mommy's first Mother's Day this month! I tell you all the time how thankful I am to be your mommy. I was so blessed to celebrate this very special day with you by my side. We went to the lake with your Yaya, Grandpa, and Aunt Morgan to celebrate the day with them. You're such a water baby, just like your mommy and daddy. 
You love: being outside, riding in the car (sometimes we go on car rides just so I can get you to take a nap!), going on walks in your stroller, sitting in the front of the shopping cart while mommy shops, your walker, playing in the floor with your toys, watching Mickey Mouse (I swore I wouldn't let you watch tv before one, but I totally ate my words on that one!), and napping in your swing. 
You hate: you don't hate much, but sleeping alone ranks up there are one of your most hated activities. One day we will get the hang of it... I hope. ;) 
I love you so much, baby girl! Mommy and Daddy can't remember life without you. You are the best thing that has ever happened to us.
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  1. Her smile is so precious! I love that little blue dress.

  2. Charlie is so freakin' cute! That is so exciting that you will be moving into a new house! We are definitely not trying for baby #2 until we move into a bigger house. I love our house and the size is perfect right now and we do have room for our little girl when she arrives but I definitely don't think we have room for 2 with having 3 dogs. Plus, we want to move in 3 years anyway way before preschool and kindergarten start so that we are in a better school district. So it just makes sense to wait on baby #2.