Charlie Beth's 6 Month Photos


A few weeks ago we took Charlie Beth to have her 6 month pictures taken by the same wonderful photographer who photographed CB when she was a newborn. I was a little nervous about how she would do for these pictures because the very morning of the photoshoot she started cutting her first tooth. I thought about rescheduling the pictures, but Charlie Beth seemed to be in a pretty good mood despite the teething. I'm glad we decided to go ahead and do them because Charlie Beth did awesome!! She was so happy and turned it on for the camera! She continued smiling through all four outfit changes. 

I can't say enough positive things about our photographer, Casey. She did so good with Charlie Beth when she was a newborn, and she continued to wow me during this shoot. She completed the entire photoshoot, all four outfit changes, in an hour. She worked quickly before Charlie Beth even had a chance to get fussy. If you are in the Birmingham area and are looking for a photographer, I highly suggest Casey Marie Photography. I am still drooling over these pictures! 
 photo morgansignature_zpsc3f5971d.png


  1. oh my goodness, she is just so cute!

  2. She is just too darn cute!!! I love all the precious little outfits you had her in. Shes the best dressed girl I know!

  3. Ugh, be still my heart. These pictures are so precious! She is so darling.

  4. These are so sweet!!! I'm getting some photos taken of Harper this weekend and I absolutely can't wait! I miss you being around the blog space of yours!! :)